In Italy, a nurse forged COVID-certificates for anti-vaxxers

Italian nurse arrested for forging COVID documents The nurse’s own booster dose was fake. The woman was arrested on charges of forgery and embezzlement. In Palermo, Italy, a nurse faked COVID shots for anti-vaxxers so they could get health certificates to travel and access bars, restaurants and public transport. About it informs The Guardian on […]

Weaver’s wife from “Quarter 95” decided to change her appearance

Comedian, actor of the Studio “Quarter 95” Yuri Tkach with his wife Victoria and daughter Lisa flew to the Dominican Republic on vacation. Victoria Tkach actively shares the details of the holiday on her page in the social network Instagramby posting vivid photos and funny videos. This time, a new picture of Yuri Tkach’s wife […]

Menstrual Cycle May Be Irregular after Covid-19 Vaccination, Study Says

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – After the coronavirus vaccine was launched about a year ago, many women started reporting irregular menstrual cycles. Some said their period was late, others reported bleeding that was heavier than usual. The average delay is only one day. Some postmenopausal women who have not menstruated for years even admit that they have […]

2 Vietnamese Women Remove Natural Perfume Fragrances from the Body

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Two girls from Vietnam like having super powers. Their bodies are able to emit a natural scent like perfume perfume. First, is a tailor who lives in the province of Soc Trang, Vietnam, Dang Thi Tuoi. Thi Tuoi can remove the scent of natural perfume from his body by rubbing. When […]

RI’s Good Name Will Drop

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Woman) Indonesia mentions Indonesia’s good name as a supplier country coal The world will fall due to the government’s hasty policy of banning coal exports from January 1 to January 31, 2022. Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arsjad Rasjid claimed the ESDM […]

Scientists Find Early Ovarian Cancer Develops in High-Risk Women

VOX TIMOR – Cancer ovary is one of the leading causes of death in most woman. This is because the symptoms are often subtle and most tumors are not detected until an advanced stage or have spread to other tissues. Life time risk cancer on population woman in general it is 2 percent, but for […]

Elena Zelenskaya said that mackerel costs 8 UAH / kg, then she apologized. Video

“The main rule is the simplest one. That is, they cooked themselves, bought simple, unprocessed foods themselves. Hake was worth … It was not a hake. It was frozen mackerel, from which you can make many wonderful dishes, and it stands somewhere 8 UAH per kg, “said Elena Zelenskaya. She added that her family also […]

Kim Jong Un’s Terrible Torture Revealed, Women Don’t Read – Terrible torture of North Korean leaders Kim Jong Un finally uncovered. Women better not read. This horrific torture was unleashed by the North Korean army. The story is very detailed. The women in Kim Jong Un’s team were completely made to collapse. This testimony was opened by a citizen North Korea who fled. […]

Functions of the Hormone Progesterone in Women and Men, Help the Reproductive System

Illustration of a man and a woman. ©2013 – The function of the hormone progesterone in women and men is very important to support the development of reproductive organs. In the body, there are several hormones that help carry out several body functions. Like the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The balance of levels […]

Cristiano Ronaldo donates a signed shirt for his auction on La Palma

Cristiano Ronaldo signed shirt at auction for those affected by the La Palma volcano Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has donated a t-shirt from the national team Portugal signed and with a message of encouragement and strength to La Palma, which will be auctioned for the benefit of those affected by the volcanic eruption. A […]