Aloe Vera Gel Mixed with Honey Great Benefits, Women Are Addicted – It is no longer a secret that the clear gel in aloe vera has properties for hair growth. How not, Aloe vera Contains vitamins C, E, and folic acid that hair needs to stay strong and look thick. It is not surprising that many people use aloe vera masks as a natural way […]

Scientist from Russia arrested in Bulgaria in espionage case – media / GORDON

Before being taken into custody, the Russian was in charge of the cumulative ammunition department at the private Bulgarian arms company Arsenal. The case concerns the disclosure of confidential information, several more people are involved in it. writes with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs that together with the scientist, his wife Olga […]

An attacker with a headscarf hit a woman under the wheels of the subway VIDEO

A horrific crime was filmed by security cameras on the New York City subway station at Times Square. A 42-year-old woman was deliberately pushed on the way of the arriving train, Glas News bg writes According to the Daily Mail, the attack was not provoked in any way. The perpetrators – an African-American woman aged […]

the mysterious president who revived Russia

Writing about a person about whom everything is said is not easy at all. Politician, world leader, president of Russia and its former prime minister, intelligence officer, athlete, hunter, dog lover … It seems that everything is known about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who will turn 69 on October 7, but certainly has no intention of […]

Know! 9 Symptoms of Breast Cancer That Are Not Lumps, Every Woman Should Know

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Breast cancer is usually characterized by the presence of bump, although not all bump appear cancerous. Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer woman, because cancer cells attack breast tissue. So far, the exact cause of the breast cancer, but for sure breast cancer arise due to cell […]

Hormones Change, Menopause Women Are More At Risk Of Heart Disease

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Menopause marks the end of the menstrual cycle in women. Just like during puberty, during menopause hormonal changes also occur. This phase occurs naturally in your 50s, but can occur earlier. In this phase there is a significant decrease in estrogen levels. According to medical experts, this condition can increase the risk […]