DGT | The DGT explains which lights to turn on in the car when it rains

In a moment of storm or torrential rain the road always becomes a scene of attention and danger. The vehicles, depending on the amount of water or if it is snow or hail, they can lose grip on their wheels, in addition to the fact that at the moment the visibility of the driver can […]

Dinner with the Emperor-Lee Chun-en | Apple Daily

Shanghai’s “Yiichi.com” visited the cultural relics experts of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was very interesting to see the emperor’s tastes and historical changes from the menu in the palace, and even the socio-economic situation at that time. The most prosperous Qing Dynasty was the Qianlong period, with abundant national power and many activities […]

“Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” remake is expected?! Villagers cry for “I just hope that we don’t cut monsters anymore”-Life-HiNet生活志

Text/Zhai Jing Seventh and eighth graders’ country and high school memories “Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” is expected to be remade? Some villagers posted information on PTT PO, pointing out that the Spanish Pokémon intelligence network Centro Pokemon revealed that the “diamondpearl.pokemon.com” domain name has been activated and that “Pokemon Pearl/Diamond” may announce a remake in February 2021. […]

[RAV4 size! ]Cadillac’s new SUV “XT4” released in Japan Price / size / interior / specifications explained | AUTOCAR JAPAN

Table of contents ーIntroduction What is Cadillac XT4?ーCadillac XT4 exteriorーCadillac XT4 interiorーCadillac XT4 PowertrainーEquipped with Cadillac XT4ーCadillac XT4 Price / Delivery Start TimeーCadillac XT4 specs Introduction What is Cadillac XT4? text: Wataru Shimizudani (Wataru Shimizudani) photo: Kazuhide Ueno (Kazuhide Ueno) January 16th. General Motors (GM) Japanese subsidiary has started selling Cadillac’s first compact SUV “Cadillac […]

A young person collides with a car while fleeing the police

Düsseldorf A 17-year-old without a license was driving a car with stolen license plates in Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt. His escape from a police check ended on the wall in the Rheinufer tunnel. On Thursday afternoon, a car driver tried to evade a traffic control at significantly excessive speed. On his escape, the 17-year-old driver collided with an […]

“What did you do?”..’Alley Restaurant’ During Baek Jong-won’s tasting, I spit out meat’Amazing’

[OSEN=박판석 기자] In the SBS’Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which airs today (13th), the 29th alley’Back Alley of Moran Station in Seongnam City’ will be unveiled for the first time. ‘Seongnam City Moran Station Back Alley’ is an alienated commercial district because it is buried among the so-called’landmarks’ located inside the golden commercial district of Seongnam […]