Heba Nour comes back in Ramadan with a genuine character from the northern roundabout!

the date 3/17/2023 7:22:07 PM (MENAFN- Al-Anbaa) Bashar Jassim Syrian actress Heba Nour returns to the Ramadan competition this year through the series (Dawar Shamali), directed by Amer Fahd, writer Hazem Suleiman, and producer Iyad Al-Khazouz, where she plays the character of Rama, a pivotal character with an interesting streak. A real life-like character who […]

The truth about the illness of the artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, after appearing with a pale face during the promo of the series “Al-Kabir Awy”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A scene by the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Sakka, in the promotional video for the series “Al-Kabeer Awy”, sparked a state of controversy on social media, especially since he appeared with a pale face during the series’ promo. For her part, his media wife, Maha Al-Soghair, responded to the controversy surrounding Al-Sakka’s disease, stressing […]