Lotto draws today and SuperEnalotto numbers on Tuesday 18 January 2022

Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto: today’s draws, Tuesday 18 January 2022 live on Starting at 20, on This Page, we will first discover the numbers of all the Lotto reels, then the six SuperEnalotto numbers plus the Jolly number and the Superstar (with the relative odds) and finally the winning combination of 10eLotto. Lotto and […]

Esport 1 – All esports in 1 place!

While Rainbow Six: Extraction will be a cooperative shooting range, it doesn’t miss the story either. 3 0 0 1 0 0 A few years after the outbreak in Truth or Consequences in New Mexico in 2018, the Chimera parasite escaped quarantine and then spread to other parts of the United States, spreading to New […]

Ubisoft + arrives on Xbox – Xbox One / Xbox Series X news

We haven’t got an exact date yet, so far it turns out that the subscription will be independent of the Game Pass. Hirdetés Ubisoft announced the official machine demand for Rainbow Six Extraction the other day, and it was revealed that the game will also be available in Game Pass. In addition to all this, […]

European gas production is declining, dependence on Russia is growing

Since the end of last week, deliveries have fluctuated through the Yamal pipeline, which transports Russian gas via Belarus and Poland to Germany. Jamal dried up completely on Tuesday. This has caused panic in the market, and prices are rising again after a temporary calm. Michal Kocůrek and Petr Čambala, analysts at the consulting company […]

A potentially dangerous asteroid will fly around Earth on Saturday. However, the scientist will be interested in the possibility of mining – ČT24 – Czech Television

However, asteroids of this type are usually not perfectly regular spheres, so it is possible that Nereus measures up to 510 meters in length. This is exactly what his current flight could show. If Nereus ever hit Earth, he could do considerable damage. But it’s not the body-sized asteroid that caused the extinction of the […]

The head of Škoda Auto is to lead Volkswagen, the German media writes

Major changes in the group’s management stem from the long-running disputes between Diess and the unions. Ty Diess was incensed by statements about the necessary massive redundancies of up to 30,000 employees as part of the necessary savings. Diess later softened his statement, but the disputes persisted. According to information from the German media, Diess […]

winning numbers and odds. No 6 and 5+

Follow up the direct from the extractions from Lotto, 10eLotto e Superenalotto of today, Thursday 25 November 2021. We will get to know the winning numbers from 20, to follow we will publish the odds. The winning sestina of Superenalotto of today: 6 45 61 82 84 88 Jolly number 16 Superstar number 36. […]

Rainbow Six: Extraction – Post-release plans

There are a number of extras to come into play after the premiere. The news arrived just a few days ago, that it finally got a release date Rainbow Six: Extraction, which arrives at the end of January, is a so – called With a Buddy Pass system that an acquaintance can play with us […]

The price of oil is falling. Fifth week stock growth in the United States

Oil prices, which renewed their multi-year highs on Tuesday, fell after data from the American Petroleum Institute (API), which showed an increase in US inventories for the fifth consecutive week. According to the API, the country’s trade oil reserves increased by 2.318 million barrels last week after a jump of 3.294 million seven days earlier. […]