A well-known Bulgarian journalist died suddenly in Austria

The founder of the popular Bulgarian website in Austria BGMedia.at Ivan Karchev died suddenly on October 18 at the age of 45. Friends of the 45-year-old journalist started a fundraising campaign for his family. “Today he flew away. Only 45. He left two wonderful children and a living Bulgarian community in Austria, which would never […]

In the USA, an alligator shot down and tried to eat a drone

Photo: Screenshot video The alligator bit the drone and he smoked in his mouth Tourists with the help of a drone wanted to take a closer look at the predator, but suddenly he grabbed the gadget and began to chew on it. In the US state of Florida, an alligator’s attempt to eat a quadcopter […]

George Clooney came to the aid of a municipality near Como, flooded with mud

George Clooney with Lalio Mayor Roberto Pozzi PHOTOS: Facebook Hollywood star George Clooney suddenly appeared next to the Civil Defense team, which was trying to clear the streets of Lallo municipality from the muddy river due to heavy rains. This was announced to the Italian media by the mayor of Lalio Roberto Pozzi, who told […]

An incident with a new Russian module occurred on the ISS

Photo: Roskosmos An incident with a new module of Russia occurred on the ISS Engines on the Science Module suddenly started. After some time, the specialists managed to solve the problem. On the ISS, after docking at the Russian module Nauka, the engines unplannedly turned on. About it testify ISS crew talks with Earth, broadcast […]

Zlata Ognevich excited with a new photo shoot

Photo: instagram.com/zlata.ognevich Zlata Ognevich The performer posed in a seductive manner and said that the summer for her began “unexpectedly beautiful”. Popular Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich delighted her fans with charming pictures. The performer posed in a revealing red outfit. The star posted new photos on Instagram. “Summer, hello! You started fantastically for me and […]

I suddenly became very interesting to all European leaders

“I do not use the word ‘pressure’, but let us not forget that Bulgaria is an EU member state. That means a lot. We will turn to the other members of the Union for solidarity. The most important thing as such a responsible member is that Bulgaria does not allow new problems to be introduced […]

In Japan, woman infected with COVID-19 dies in quarantine at airport

The deceased had no symptoms of the disease The woman flew in from Egypt, her coronavirus test was positive and she was quarantined. A couple of days before leaving quarantine, the woman died unexpectedly. A woman who contracted the coronavirus died while in quarantine at the Japanese Narita airport. This is the first such case […]