FBI account hacker detained by US authorities

This week, US law enforcement authorities arrested the person allegedly responsible for the FBI hack in 2021. According to The Verge, last week FBI agents arrested Connor Brian Fitzpatrick on suspicion of running BreachForums. According to The Verge report, the administrator of the BreachForums website, which goes by the name “Bomborin”, is responsible for or […]

The best Swiss business accounts on Instagram

Marketing: Instagram is aiming for a good mix of photos and reels in the future. Below you will find the best Swiss business accounts 2022. Marketing: The Instafeam app on a phone. – Pexels Ad the essentials in brief Mike Schwede constantly creates Instagram rankings with the best accounts. The best Swiss business accounts of […]

how to regain control of your chats and prevent it from happening again, step by step

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Tips and recommendations to avoid being a victim of a scam on the messaging platform. Although WhatsApp scams have always been a latent threat, in recent months they have begun to multiply phone calls to fool the unsuspecting with increasingly sophisticated campaigns. In this note, how to protect your chats and avoid account […]

Hacking social media accounts… How dangerous is it and how do we protect ourselves?

Today, the Lebanese woke up to the news of piracy campaigns targeting a large group of citizens. In this context, text messages were sent to a group of citizens on their phones, originating from social media applications, and containing codes used in the “Two-Step Verification” feature, without them registering their numbers. This is not the […]

“Badr bin Saud” comments on attacking a Kuwaiti after praising the activities of Riyadh … and reveals a surprise about the truth about accounts bearing Saudi names

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Dr. Badr bin Saud, commented on the circulating clip of a Kuwaiti citizen confirming that he had not seen the offensive behavior that was filmed and transmitted in the Kingdom on social media. liars Badr bin Saud said, in his article entitled “Liars”, published in the newspaper “Okaz”: “A few days […]

10.3 trillion dirhams, the value of wire transfers through UAE banks within 10 months

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: the value of transfers made in the banking sector in the country has increased through the Emirates Remittances System.UAEFTS/ for over 10.3 trillion dirhams in the first ten months of last year. Statistics on banking transactions, issued by the Central Bank, showed that the value of transfers made through the Emirates […]

Casablanca Stock Exchange indices rise by the end of trading on Monday

direct: The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed trading today, Monday, with a rise in its two main indexes. The MASI index rose 0.91% to 9,806.32 points, gaining 88.33 points. The Morocco 20 “MSI20” index rose 0.9 percent, to 782.33 points, a gain of 6.95 points, compared to its trading in the previous session. The Casablanca Stock […]

The dollar rises against the Egyptian pound at this level in the banks

Cairo – Mubasher: Dollar exchange rates against the Egyptian pound rose by 10 piasters at the start of today’s trading and at the start of weekly trading, in Egyptian banks. The dollar’s exchange rate has seen significant movement against the Egyptian pound, as it jumped between £2.35 for buying and about £2.40 for selling in […]