Brazil. Bolsonaro sees two key ministers leave his government

The Minister Brazilian Defense Fernando Azevedo e Silva created a surprise by announcing on Monday March 29 that he was leaving his post, a few hours after the resignation, she expected, of another key government minister Bolsonaro, the chef de la diplomatie Ernesto Araujo. “I thank the President of the Republic, to whom I have […]

Bad treatment: television, that place to go when you can no longer

El Sunday, a famous woman, Rocio Carrasco, narrated on television that she has been a victim of gender violence, a testimony of mistreatment followed by millions of people in prime time which has opened a complex debate on the credibility of the victims, the responsibility of the media, the spectacularization of pain and the existence […]

Bison Futé sees red in the direction of returns this Saturday

This weekend marks the end of the school holidays. Even if the majority of holidaymakers have already returned to prepare for the start of the school year, traffic flows will still be significant on the main transit routes for this last weekend in August and congestion is expected. The traffic will be very busy in […]

The Rolling Stones threaten to sue Trump for using one of his songs | Arts and culture

British rock group Rolling Stones threatens the American president, Donald Trump, to bring him to justice if he continues to use one of his songs You Can’t Always Get What You Want in their political campaigns. Rockers are in relationship with the American musical copyright protection agency, BMI, which has announced that any use of […]

Municipal. “With this green wave, Macron sees another adversary emerging for 2022”

The second round of these municipal elections was marked by a major breakthrough for environmentalists. After Grenoble, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and even Marseille rub off in green. This ballot was also marked by a record abstention and the victory of Perpignan by the National Rally. Martial Foucault, political scientist at the Center for Political Research […]

Rolling Stones threaten to sue Trump if he uses one of their hits

British rock group Rolling Stones is threatening US President Donald Trump to prosecute him if he continues to use one of their songs, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” during campaign events. • Read also: Tom Petty family puts Donald Trump team on notice The rockers are in touch with the American organization for […]

The exercise can hasten or delay our body clock

The physical exercise you can do that clocks in our body are alteredahead of or lag, which can be an important step to treat people with sleep disturbances or heart disease. A new research, published in the scientific journal ‘Journal of Physiology’, shows that only a 60-minute session of exercise changed the clocks of the […]

How LADA Vesta 2020 can surprise a buyer

The case when you buy a new car you can get a pig in a poke. Undoubtedly, a new car off the assembly line is better than a used one. Warranty service makes it possible to contact dealers and eliminate individual problems that arise. But when problems begin with the factory line, this is a […]