Seeing the Solar Halo Phenomenon Happening Today, Like What? All pages – The “Hello Sun“It was observed in several areas in East Java today, Sunday (9/27/2020) afternoon. Several netizens participated in capturing the moment the rainbow ring phenomenon occurred or it was called Hello Sun and upload it on social media. One of them is like the owner of a Twitter account @yosisuharno. He uploaded […]

Forget the Indonesian Recession, JCI is Ready to Strengthen Again!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Domestic financial markets weakened on Tuesday (22/9/2020) trading yesterday. Signs of weakness have been seen since the beginning of the week due to a lot of negative sentiment. The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) weakened 1.31% to 4,934.09. Trade data noted that foreign investors made net sales of Rp. 668 billion […]

NASA confirms that a new solar cycle, Space Science, began in December 2019

Since the beginning of sunspot research, scientists have noticed that their activity is framed in 11-year cycles. Since the beginning of the observations in the middle of the 18th century, 24 such cycles have already taken place. NASA experts fromthat the 25th cycle started in December 2019. It is no wonder that we did not […]

You need to know, these two vitamins are needed to maintain the immune system

PR BANDUNGRAYA – In the midst of the current corona virus pandemic, it is important to maintain a healthy body condition. Because the deadly virus can easily infect people who have a weak immune system. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle starting from food and exercise, intake vitamin must also be considered. Talk about […]

Today, the Government is Auctioning 7 SUN, Transactions of IDR 52.26 Trillion

JAKARTA, – The government through the Ministry of Finance today, Monday (8/9/2020) conducted an auction for seven Government Securities ( SUN). Based on a written statement on the official website of the Directorate General of Management, Financing and Risk (DJPPR), it was explained that bids from today’s auction reached IDR 52.26 trillion. The seven […]

Possible collision of an asteroid with Earth on November 2, 2020!

Possible collision of an asteroid with Earth on November 2, 2020!

Tuesday, June 30: Asteroid Day. VP1 2018 could hit Earth this November. June 30th is International Asteroid Day. Asteroids and comets (near-Earth objects) are astronomical objects whose orbits pass close to Earth and therefore potentially pose a threat to our planet. They are closely monitored by the “NASA Center for the Investigation of Near-Earth Objects”. […]