The Sun’s far side eruption has impact on Earth – Breaking News

A massive eruption of solar material, accompanied by a so-called coronal mass ejection (CME), was detected on the far side of our star on March 13 at 4:36 CET. The activity of the relevant CME achieved based on NASA analysis an unusually high speed of 2127 kilometers per second. This earned this coronal mass ejection […]

Nyepi and Ramadan Greeted by an Astounding Astronomical Occurrence

Monday, March 20 2023 – 14:01 WIB LIVE Techno – Towards the beginning of Ramadan 1444 Hijriah, the phenomena of the Sun’s Culmination and Vernal Equinox occur. The Sun’s culmination has occurred from February 20 to April 5, while the Vermal Equinox will be on March 21, 2023. “The phenomenon of the culmination of the […]

How to Prove that the Earth Rotates: Can Humans Observe It?

Jakarta – The earth always rotates on its axis or axis. This process is called the Earth’s rotation or the process of moving the Earth from west to east. Earth’s rotation occurs because of Earth’s gravitational process, so that this blue planet will rotate. If the earth does not rotate various scary things can happen. […]

Park Bo-gum and Taeyang join forces while Woody Harrelson attends an exclusive meeting.

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.03.16 13:33 Group Black Pink Jennie, Lisa and actor Park Bo-gum, singer Taeyang from the group Big Bang, US Congressman Dean Phillips and Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson./Photo = Woody Harrelson Instagram Group Black Pink Jennie and Lisa, singer Taeyang from the group Big Bang, and actor Park Bo-gum met […]