New YouTube research channel on science and the environment

In December 2020, the Society for Environmental Education Baden-Württemberg eV (GUB) opened a YouTube research channel on the subjects of natural sciences and the environment for parents, educators, teachers, young people and children. Currently on the YouTube-Kanal already over 30 exciting films. Two new research films are posted every week. The 4 to 10 minute […]

School: in Milan two high schools occupied against Dad – Lombardy

Students enter classical Tito Livio and scientific Severi The high school children of the ‘yellow and orange’ Regions will return to school on Monday 18 January at least 50% of the attendance: this is what is expected the new Dpcm signed by Prime Minister Conte. In the ‘red’ regions children will stay at home from […]

recovery plans are needed –

“The Dad it doesn’t work anymore, ”he said Monday Lucia Azzolina. But has it worked so far? The minister is very worried about the high school dropout (we went from 13.8% in 2016 to 14.5% in 2018), on which unfortunately we have no updated data except an Ipsos-Save the Children report based on the statements […]

Students earn their stripes in overcrowded Czech hospitals

Hundreds of medical students have volunteered to help Czech hospitals teeming with Covid-19 patients, struggling with one of the highest infection rates in the world. Wrapped in full medical protective gear, hidden behind a visor and fitted with two pairs of rubber gloves, Tereza Zalesakova, 22, performs the blood sugar test in a patient on […]

Positive balance of the RATE program

Within the framework of health emergencyDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mendoza school government made the decision to urgently accompany all students who are in a situation of pedagogical vulnerability, with which I executed the Program Support Network for School Trajectories (RATE) during the 2020 school year. The intention was to articulate and coordinate actions […]

United Kingdom. European students will pay the price of Brexit

The Brexit was not complete that it was already making universities and colleges in the United Kingdom shudder. In 2019, they welcomed nearly 143,000 students from the European Union. “Their number has dropped significantly this year, observes Simon Margison, professor of education at the University of Oxford. The uncertainty over the year 2021 has turned […]

there is the ranking. The sentence of the council of state –

The Council of State has decided: the ranking of medical residents is legitimate and valid. The ministry of the University was right to cancel from the evaluation of the papers the application that was presented incorrectly in the test. Thus ends the long sequence of appeals and from 22 December it will therefore be possible […]

There is certainty in distance classes for high school students in Tlaxcala

In Tlaxcala, high school students have certainty with their online classes, since the upper secondary education subsystems agreed that more than 90% of the students connect through the different platforms they selected. And, at the national level, according to a survey conducted by the National Commission for Continuous Improvement, among the most frequent reasons for […]