One of the most beautiful Frenchmen – Gaspard Ulliel – was urgently hospitalized

Hannibal star Gaspard Ulliel falls while skiing Gaspard Ulliel seriously injured in the ski resort of La Rosière / Photo: Updated: Actor Gaspard Ulliel dies in hospital, according to the French press. According to the channel BFMTV, the famous French actor Gaspard Ulliel was hospitalized after falling on skis. The star of “Hannibal” is […]

A teenager was shot dead in Kazakhstan – media

Photo: Telegram / ORDA Military on the street in Kazakhstan The tragedy took place in Almaty. A 12-year-old teenager was fatally wounded in the back of the head almost in front of his mother. In Almaty, Kazakhstan, a 12-year-old boy was shot dead in the street during protests. The child went out with his mother […]

Australian child death toll rises in wind-blown trampoline incident

Previously four deaths were known – two boys and two girls. The trampoline, on which the children were playing, was lifted by the wind to a height of about 10 meters. As a result, he ended up in a tree 50 meters from his original location. The publication named the names of all six dead […]

Tragedy before Christmas! An actor from Rapla and Mordparty died at 44

During his lifetime, Tomáš Kolomazník devoted himself more to theater, but television viewers could see him in the series Mordpart, Rapl, Assassination or in the film Pohádkář. In 2010, he began his theatrical engagement at the Cheb Theater, where he excelled in the plays Midsummer Night’s Dream and Doma u Hitlerů. He had to leave […]

Migration and Death: Trump’s Legacy

The tragedies accumulate and the comrade president and comrade Andrés Manuel López Obrador He still does not show his face. He hides himself in a rhetoric with which he victimizes himself, holds anyone responsible and minimizes the errors of his administration, at the same time that he seeks to generate distractors to send his errors […]

Tragedy! A 15-year-old girl died at her home near Plovdiv

A 15-year-old girl died at her home in the Plovdiv village of Krastevich. The tragedy was confirmed to “Maritsa” by the Plovdiv police. The child died on Saturday. The parents called 112. A team from the branch for Emergency Medical Aid arrived on the scene within minutes. However, the medics only found the girl dead. […]

Singer and presenter Nick Cannon lost his five-month-old son

American comedian and TV presenter Nick Cannon lost his five-month-old son. He died of a serious illness. Ex-husband Mariah Carey confided in him on his show. American presenter, singer and actor Nick Cannon is going through very sad days. According to NBC he lost his youngest son Zen, whom he had with his current partner […]