“We are already seeing such a global trend”

“We are already seeing such a trend in the world. However, the global privileges enjoyed by vaccinated persons and convalescents will remain unchanged” – said Carsten Spohr in an interview with “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung”. The interview was published on Saturday. For example, you can only enter the United States at this time if we provide […]

French boxer Julie Le Galliard died at the age of 31

The French Boxer Federation informed about the player’s death. “It is with great sadness that we learn about the death of 31-year-old Julie Le Galliard, who died Sunday night in a hospital in Marseille after a two-month battle with complications from COVID-19,” the organization said in a statement. About the player’s death, he wrote, inter […]

Children imitate the challenge from the show. UK Britain: Lots of burns

Netflix announced a few weeks ago that the series became the most watched production on this platform in history – it was played on 111 million accounts. The South Korean series tells the story of a gruesome and bloody game in which participants struggling with financial problems struggle not so much for money as for […]

“Tyrant”. Marek Sekielski about cooperation with Durczok

Marek Sekielski is the lack of a well-known journalist Tomasz Sekielski. Recently, it was loud about him thanks to their joint documentaries about cases of pedophilia in the Polish church: “Just don’t tell anyone” and “Hide and seek”. They both also worked on TVN in the past. And it was this period of his life […]

FDA experts backed the administration of a second dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

All 19 experts voting in the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biological Products expressed a positive opinion. Members of the FDA’s advisory body agreed that in view of the lower level of protection afforded by the previously single-dose vaccine compared to the Pfizer and Moderna preparations, the use of a second dose is warranted. […]

In August, the banks’ profit exceeded PLN 9 billion

The net profit of the banking sector amounted to PLN 9.04 billion in January-August 2021 and increased by 60% y / y – it announced on Wednesday NBP. After July this year the net profit of the sector amounted to PLN 7.68 billion. Interest income in the period of eight months of this year. amounted […]

Czarnek invited Bosak to talks. Sellin comments

After Jarosław Gowin’s Agreement has left the government coalition, PiS cannot be sure of the parliamentary majority. For now, the ruling party can count on the support of three Kukiz’15 MPs – Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajka and Stanisław Żuk. PiS and Kukiz’15 have established program cooperation. However, it is not known how long it will […]

“Quo vadis”. Sienkiewicz’s greatest work and its extraordinary adventures

enryka Henryk Sienkiewicz began to write “Quo vadis” in 1894. Initially, the novel was published in serials. It premiered in a compact form in 1896. Already in the first weeks, the book became very popular. “Quo vadis” soon made a huge career all over the world. Plot The action “Quo vadis” is set in the […]

Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund. Marczuk presented new data

“As of today, 93% of companies (323 thousand) that have benefited from the Finasn Shield. 1.0 @Grupa_PFR received a redemption decision from us. Today, the redemption amount has exceeded PLN 35 billion. We write off 63% of the aid paid on average. Employment retention rates in assisted companies reach 95%, ”he wrote on Twitter. twitter […]

Twitter launches its new Super Follows feature

Twitter is a service popular primarily among politicians and journalists, being a platform for discussion and sharing the latest news. Public institutions also have their accounts on this portal – both in Poland and in the world, Twitter is used by the highest state authorities. It is also a place to exchange views of “ordinary” […]