In Kiev, a vandal damaged a “glass” bridge

Photo: KSCA Vandal in Kiev damaged glass on the bridge Vandal was captured by a surveillance camera. The incident is being investigated by the police. The Kyiv City State Administration called on the culprit to report to the law enforcement agencies himself. In Kiev this morning, July 29, employees of the municipal enterprise Kievavtodormost found […]

Half of the Brussels-South intervention team reports sick from …

About half of the intervention team of the local police of the Brussels-South zone submitted a sick note on Monday morning. They do that to protest against the long shifts they have to work. There is a meeting on Tuesday. Chief of police Jurgen De Landsheer introduced a new work arrangement on 1 April. 12 […]

“Servants of the People” discussed the legalization of cannabis

Photo: Ukrinform Head of the Servant of the People faction David Arahamia The corresponding bill is ready for the first reading. For the second reading, consultations with law enforcement agencies are required. The bill on the legalization of medical cannabis is ready for adoption in the first reading, the head of the faction said Servant […]

A child was found in the trash in Ivano-Frankivsk

Photo: In Ivano-Frankivsk, a casual passer-by found a newborn baby near the trash can A bystander heard the crying of a child and immediately reported to law enforcement. In Ivano-Frankivsk, a baby was found near one of the city dumpsters. On Friday, May 28, the press service reported. police Ivano-Frankivsk region. It will be […]

The Ministry of Internal Affairs told when the police have the right to search Ukrainians

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko The main thing is “the interests of the security of society with respect for human rights,” Gerashchenko stressed. Police officers have the right to search citizens in the interests of public safety, Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said on the air of the TV channel. Ukraine 24. Also, Gerashchenko named […]

The UOC-MP announced the seizure of a temple in the Rivne region

Photo: UPC MP Parishioners called police officers The seizure of the temple was attended by employees of municipal law enforcement agencies from the city of Varash and members of the district council, according to the church. Representatives of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), with the assistance of local deputies, seized the temple of the […]

Border guards detained traffickers –

Photo: frame from video Law enforcers liquidated human trafficking channel Upon arrival in France, the attackers confiscated documents from the victims and threatened to create “problems” with local law enforcement agencies. The State Border Service, together with the National Police, within the framework of cooperation with law enforcement agencies of France, stopped the work of […]

Six arrests after woman is deliberately run over in Amsterdam | NOW

The police arrested six people on Saturday evening after a car deliberately drove over a young woman several times in the Amsterdam Noord district. According to the local channel AT5 it would be a taxi driver who had a conflict with the woman, but the police cannot confirm this yet. The woman was run over […]

Police amazed by text message from AMBER Alert | NOW

The police are surprised about the text message that AMBER Alert sent to its users on Thursday morning. AMBER Alert asked users to sign a petition towards the end of the collaboration between the alert system and the police. According to police, AMBER Alert made improper use of the channel, which is intended to track […]