Strong Storms Reduce Severe Drought in California to 8.4% – ViveUSA

The storms that have not given truce to California They have helped to combat the drought in the state that now only registers a severe drought in 8.4% of its territory, as shown on Thursday by the United States Drought Monitor. Last year California faced a strong drought that had forced various water management authorities […]

Latest News from Live Alert in California on Thursday, March 16

10:48 Winter storms end drought in California’s Central Valley The Central Valley and a stretch of the California coast from Los Angeles County west to the Oregon border are no longer in drought, according to the Drought Monitor. Thirty-six percent of the state is in moderate drought, the least severe of the four drought categories […]

New atmospheric river forces evacuation of 27,000 people in California (Photogallery)

WATSONVILLE, Calif. (AP) — The latest atmospheric river to hit California prompted evacuation orders Tuesday for nearly 27,000 people due to risks of flooding and landslides. On the state’s central coast, workers hauled trucks full of rocks to plug a broken levee on a river amid constant rain and wind. Related news Photos: AP Meteorologists […]

New storm leaves thousands without power in California, USA

This bad weather has its origin in an atmospheric river, a narrow and relatively long region in the atmosphere capable of transporting a large amount of water vapor. New storm leaves thousands without electricity in California, USA. Photo: AP. A storm in California, USAcaused the death of at least two peopleas well as the loss […]

Man (81) survived six days in car stuck in California storm | Abroad

An 81-year-old man was rescued from his car after six days in the US state of California. The man got stuck in the snow after a big storm covered the ground with about three feet of snow. It had been almost a week since the man left California to drive back to his wife in […]

They caught Jennifer López touring luxurious mansions in California

The search for houses to live in has become an odyssey for Ben Affleck y Jennifer Lopez since they resumed their relationship, since they have not been able to find the mansion that they like in the state of California. What are they doing Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck and California? According to sources close […]

Raúl Ramírez Sayalero at the Mexican Open – AGP Sports

Acapulco, Guerrero.- On behalf of Raúl Ramírez, the best Mexican tennis player of all time, his children Raúl and Rebeca attended. The tribute to the athlete from Ensenada was recorded at the Mexican Tennis Open, in Acapulco, Guerrero. “The only reason why my father is not here is because he is at home, fighting the […]

Surfing California | Outfits | Damen

Shop the Look Let’s go golfing – in a stylish California look with beach appeal. This summer module conveys the lightness and joie de vivre of the American West Coast in a playful way. Elements inspired by surf fashion can now be found on the golf course. Bright colors such as shocking pink and seaside […]

What You Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines and Tests – NBC Bay Area 48

California ended the emergency declaration it issued 3 years ago when COVID-19 affected millions of people, however, experts assure that the deadly virus is still a danger, so they assure that now it is more important to take the necessary precautions to avoid a new wave of infections. WHAT DOES THE END OF THE EMERGENCY […]