how big is the chance? –

Robbie Williams ate a portion of fish twice a day. The British singer almost died of mercury poisoning as a result. But what is the chance that you will really get that sick from eating fish? First of all, fish is very healthy. It contains vitamin D, selenium and proteins and is low in saturated […]

Quincy Jones, the emperor of black music

His autobiography recovers the life and work of an exalted musician who traveled from jazz to pop and hip hop with Dinah Washington, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson QUINCY Delight Jones Jr. (Chicago, March 1933) is the oldest American composer, director, arranger, and producer. Over six decades he has demonstrated his teaching as a trumpeter, […]

This Argentine lawyer, against stablecoins and Ethereum: what does he say?

“Stablecoins are a type of scam,” said Argentine lawyer Camilo Jorajuría de León in a question and answer session on Bitcoin. During the talk organized by the legal and accounting consultancy We&Law, this professional, coordinator of Legal and Accounting Issues of the ONG Bitcoin Argentina, expressed himself on various matters related to cryptocurrencies, like calls […]

Painting and music, two arts that look into each other’s eyes

PThey devised an exercise: that we invoke the imagination. That we close our eyes and recreate ourselves in the picture: two arts like painting and music looking into each other’s eyes, as if they were two lovers. Everything started from a reality. The painter Vasily Kandinsky and the composer Arnold Schoenberg They not only maintained […]

Royal Society | And in the middle of all the bustle … the league

Donostia – Continue bingeing on Andalusian gazpacho. And there is still the last portion, with the Copa del Rey game next Tuesday. Next Saturday, Real will visit Villarreal in their first meeting unrelated to the south of the peninsula since January 3, when they received Osasuna in Anoeta. Along the way, the txuri-urdin have met […]

that people live on earth is pure happiness –

It took evolution three to four billion years to produce Homo sapiens. If at some point in that process the climate had failed even once, we probably never would have existed. A scientist demonstrates this in an exciting simulation. ThermostatModels have shown that in a few million years the Earth’s climate can deteriorate to temperatures […]

Code for 240 people in the district today: Nattu Visesham

Palakkad: For the 240 people in the district today, Code 19 has been confirmed. Department of Health officials said. Of these, 89 were infected with the disease through contact and the source was unknown. 146 people affected, one from another state, 4 those health workers Including. Authorities also said 123 people were free of the […]

Miguel Molina Díaz: New York, March 2020 | Columnists | Opinion

A reddish clarity envelops the skyscraper skyline. It is dusk in New York and everything has changed. The skyline of this city, which is an image, trembles like a phosphorescent reflection in the waters of the East River. Towards the south the lights of the cars or the subway cars cross the bridges of Williamsburg, […]

“The Donda case is terrible, it disgusts me”

“It disgusts me that a person who occupies a position like that is capable of having an employee in the situation in which he had her,” said “Chiche” Duhalde. Despite the controversy that was generated around Victoria Donda, President Alberto Fernández ratified it, this Tuesday morning, at the head of the National Institute against Discrimination, […]