next month we will probably know whether vaccines work –

In November it will become clear whether the corona vaccines reserved for the European Union do what they should do: protect us against Covid-19. “It will be the litmus test for the corona vaccine”, Utrecht professor Cécile van Els, who works at RIVM, told NOS. Five of the seven vaccines are in the third test […]

8669. But are the numbers correct? Probably not –

Today, tomorrow and Monday it must become visible that the partial lockdown has sufficient effect, Prime Minister Rutte said on Friday. Today meets that requirement. But we shouldn’t cheer too soon. The RIVM came up with the figures with hours delay and they would be incomplete. If so, they say nothing Infections: 8669 Recordings 92 […]

Wp, Trump evaluates FBI chief torpedoing – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 22 – Donald Trump and his advisers have repeatedly discussed whether to fire FBI chief Christopher Wray after election day. This eventuality could also jeopardize the stay of Justice Minister William Barr. Meanwhile, the president’s frustration is growing at the lack of a final push by the investigative forces, as happened […]

This influencer did not believe in corona, now he has died from it –

Ukrainian fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk thought Covid-19 didn’t exist. He eventually died of complications from the disease. Stuzhuk, who had more than a million followers on Instagram, became infected during a trip to Turkey. Back in Ukraine, the 33-year-old fitness fanatic was tested positive and became seriously ill. He had to be hospitalized. After eight […]

remdesivir not effective in corona treatment –

The antiviral drug remdesivir has little effect on patients with the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This would appear from an international study. The manufacturer of the drug questions those research results. Remdesivir is currently also used in the Netherlands. US President Donald Trump was also administered the drug after he became […]

‘If you don’t smell these scents, you might have corona’ –

Loss of smell and taste are known symptoms of a corona infection. If you are unsure whether you can still smell good, it is of course smart to check this by smelling strongly scented things. Scientists tested that and found that two odors were particularly effective in people infected with the corona virus. from an […]

Gérald Darmanin announces measures to improve the “daily life” of police officers

Improving the “daily life” of police officers. This is the credo put forward by the minister of the Interior through these announcements. Gérald Darmanin unveiled a series of measures following his meeting with the police unions. Up to € 100 more per month for “night people” During the meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the […]