Continued Banking Sector Strikes Lead to Further Decline in Oil Prices

Oil prices are dropping with the continuation of strikes in the banking sector. Analysts of the American bank set the average price of oil at $94 a barrel over the next twelve months. Oil prices are falling with the continuation of strikes in the banking sector Oil prices fell today, Tuesday, as the turmoil that […]

Is the Lebanese ruling class starting to separate itself from Riad Salameh?

The European judicial delegation completed the second phase of investigations into the file of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and listened to him for two consecutive days, with a first session that lasted six hours, followed by a second session that lasted about three hours, during which it asked 196 questions […]

Because of its dispute with Saudi Arabia, will the UAE leave OPEC?

The Wall Street Journal says that the rift and division between the UAE and Saudi Arabia is increasing over foreign investment, oil and the war on Yemen, and reports that Abu Dhabi is having an internal discussion about leaving OPEC. The Wall Street Journal: The division between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi may push the latter […]

The rise in dollar prices in Lebanon ravages the citizen’s livelihood

The Lebanese citizen lives on the impact of the shocks resulting from the sudden economic measures. After the Ministry of Economy allowed the pricing of commodities in dollars, it was the turn of raising the customs dollar from 15 thousand Lebanese pounds to 45 thousand pounds at once, and then the decision of the Governor […]

OPEC oil production rises, supported by the recovery of Nigerian supplies

Last month, OPEC expected growth in global oil demand as a result of easing Chinese restrictions on the zero Covid policy, so that the energy sector would witness an increase in production, in line with the increase in demand, supported by Nigerian supplies. OPEC oil production increased for most of 2022, as global demand levels […]

A planet within a planet… What’s in Earth’s inner core?

In his classic 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne tells the story of two adventurers who descended through a volcano in Iceland to discover a vast world inhabited by prehistoric creatures and explore the planet’s inner structure. But the true center of the Earth has nothing to do with this […]