Lavrov demands a quick response from the West on “security guarantees”

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow “has run out of patience” in anticipation of the West’s response to the Kremlin’s demands for “security guarantees”, in connection with which Russia is waiting for a written response within a week. Lavrov said this at his annual foreign policy press conference on […]

Russian economist revealed Putin’s position on a new world war – UNIAN

A number of factors do not allow Russia to even dream of winning a world war, the expert shared his opinion. Vladimir Putin understands that Russia will not win a new world war, the expert believes / photo REUTERS President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin wants the spheres of control to be restored in the […]

eerie moment of collapse caught on video – UNIAN

It was preliminarily established that as a result of the collapse of the rock, seven people died. Part of the rock collapsed on boats with people in Brazil / screenshot On Lake Furnas under a waterfall in the southeast Brazil part of the rock collapsed on pleasure boats with tourists. This moment was captured in […]

Carpathian Molfarka said that Putin is terminally ill – UNIAN

Listen Stop According to Magdalena Mochiovski, the President of the Russian Federation is “charged” by people with magical abilities. The witch doctor says that Putin seeks to take over the world / photo REUTERS The Russian President Vladimir Putin discovered a serious cancer, but it is “charged” by people with magical abilities. This was stated […]

Nazarbayev and his family left Kazakhstan – media – UNIAN

It is reported that only his older brother, Bolat Nazarbayev, remained in the country. Nursultan Nazarbayev / photo REUTERS The media is spreading information that the ex-president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and his daughters fled the country with their families. Telegram-channel reports about it There with reference to the editor-in-chief of the publication. ‚ÄúSince the […]

British warship collides with Russian sub – Defense

While on patrol in the North Atlantic, a British warship HMS Northumberland hit a Russian submarine. This was reported by the UK Department of Defense. The Royal Navy’s HMS Northumberland was tracking the Russian sub in late 2020 when the frigate’s towed sonar – a long cable with hydrophones that runs underwater behind the ship […]

The President of Kazakhstan gave the order to open fire to kill without warning (video)

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made a new appeal. Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev / photo REUTERS Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev gave the order to open fire to kill without warning. He made the corresponding statement during his address on January 7. “I have given the order to open fire to kill without warning. What stupidity, what could be negotiations with […]

Russian submarine crashed into British naval ship in the North Atlantic

This is probably a multipurpose submarine capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The British ship moved with connected sonar, which allows submarines to be detected unnoticed / REUTERS Russian submarine collided with a warship British Navy in the North Atlantic, tracking its movement. This was the first such clash since the end of the Cold War. […]