Abdel Fattah El-Gerini Tells Asharq Al-Awsat: Shahrukh Khan Taught Me Humility

Abdel Fattah El-Gerini to Asharq Al-Awsat: I learned humility from Shahrukh Khan He revealed his participation in the Ramadan season by singing the series and program charts Saturday – 26 Shaaban 1444 AH – 18 March 2023 AD Issue number [ 16181] Shahrukh Khan mediates Al-Juraini and his wife, Jamila Al-Beddawi – Moroccan artist Abdel […]

Riyadh: Disclosing the Key Agreements with Tehran is Not Feasible

A Saudi source confirmed that his country will not be a party to the West’s conflict with China Yesterday (Thursday), a Saudi source considered that the most important points in the agreement with Iran are “secret and cannot be disclosed.” He revealed that the Iranians were seeking to hold meetings with high-ranking Saudi officials before […]

Is the Lebanese ruling class starting to separate itself from Riad Salameh?

The European judicial delegation completed the second phase of investigations into the file of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and listened to him for two consecutive days, with a first session that lasted six hours, followed by a second session that lasted about three hours, during which it asked 196 questions […]

“Middle East Newspaper: James Webb Telescope Captures Stunning Space Imagery”

See what the James Webb Telescope captured in space 2023/03/16 The US space agency “NASA” published a recent image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, which showed a huge star on the brink of death as it released huge amounts of hot gas into space. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope explained what the star […]

“Boeing” planes added to Saudi Arabia and Riyadh fleets: 121 in total

A day after announcing its launch, “Riyadh Airlines” announced yesterday (Tuesday) its first fleet deals, which are based on sustainability, by concluding an agreement with the American company “Boeing” to manufacture 72 “787-9” Dreamliner aircraft. This request coincided with the conclusion of the Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier, an agreement to manufacture 39 Boeing […]

Lebanese “Justice” Demands Riad Salameh’s Arrest and Property Seizure

The Lebanese “Justice” requests the “arrest” of Riad Salameh and the confiscation of his property The central ruler was absent from his interrogation session and was summoned again today Thursday – 24 Shaaban 1444 AH – March 16, 2023 AD Issue number [ 16179] From the security measures in front of the Palace of Justice […]

An application from “Amazon” that helps the deaf to watch TV shows

Many people with hearing loss find it difficult to get a full experience of online content streaming.audio application To solve this problem, Amazon has launched an application that will allow the streaming device to communicate directly with the cochlear implanted in the ear, to give users more comfortable access to the content of the Fire […]