Most want compulsory vaccine and Covid passport, except young people and Vox voters

A considerable majority of Spaniards are committed to compulsory vaccination (the 58,5%) and by the Covid passport (62,4%) to continue advancing in the fight against the pandemic. This is clear from the macro-survey carried out by SocioMétrica for EL ESPAÑOL, which collects the opinions of citizens regarding the new year. Against both measures are only […]

The question of ‘Aquí, amb Josep Cuní’ and EL PERIÓDICO

EL PERIÓDICO and the SER Catalunya program ‘Here, amb Josep Cuní’ open a question every day to take the pulse of the opinion of the public on a current issue. Today’s poll question is: ???? SURVEY | Are you worried that the vaccination rate will slow down? ???? Remember, you can leave your comment here […]

Czech Republic refused from “female” surnames

Photo: Unsplash Residents of the Czech Republic were allowed to abandon the feminine suffix in the surname Public opinion polls conducted in the country showed that women began to prefer the masculine form of the surname without the “ova” suffix. Residents of the Czech Republic will be able to refuse to add the suffix “ova” […]

“AUR has a chance to reach the second party in Romania in the next elections”. What is hidden behind the intentions announced in the Republic of Moldova

Alliance for the Union of Romanians (GOLD) was the surprise of the parliamentary elections in December 2019, the political party managing to overcome parties like PMP or PRO Romania and enter the Parliament with a score of about 10%.Contacted by, sociologist Gelu Duminica, associate professor at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of […]

Mortgaged UVA march to Congress to demand a credit restructuring

The debtors declared themselves in a state of emergency after the Executive determined a new scheme to the one established by the Mauricio Macri administration. UVA debtors from all over the country will march to the National Congress to request a restructuring of the credit system they obtained during Mauricio Macri’s administration, which became impossible […]

Earn money doing what your followers ask you

When it comes to social networks, it is always common to find publications of people asking their followers trivia or doing surveys about what clothing to wear or buy, where to go to eat or what color to paint their hair. However, it seems that there are some influencers within these platforms who have found […]