“Warning to Americans: Iran at brink of confrontations with Syria”

She said that she would respond with “decisiveness” to the targeting of militia bases belonging to her Calm prevailed in eastern Syria yesterday, in the wake of clashes between US forces and armed factions linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. However, this field calm was accompanied by a remarkable escalation in the Iranian position against […]

The Seventh Harsha – Inaam Kachaji

The viewer makes a quick tour of the Ramadan series to decide what suits his taste and would like to watch it. After two episodes, there was relief for the series “The Seventh Harsha”. What does the title mean? In the lexicon, harash yahrush harash means scratching his head with his hand.There is a movie […]

“Eastern Syria: Collision Between American Forces and Iranian Militias”

14 militants linked to the Guard and an American contractor were killed… and Washington confirms that it will protect its forces Eastern Syria, Thursday-Friday night, turned into a confrontation arena between US forces and militias linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, following a drone attack on a military base that killed a “contractor” with the […]

Consular services resumption being discussed by Riyadh and Damascus

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran to meet “soon” A Saudi source confirmed that Riyadh and Damascus are in talks to resume consular services, after a 12-year estrangement. The source explained to the Saudi Al-Ikhbariya channel yesterday (Thursday) that within the framework of the Kingdom’s keenness to facilitate the necessary consular services for […]

The head of the “Sadr movement” is adapting to new regulations.

Muqtada al-Sadr’s supporters, like his opponents, were preoccupied with a vague call from him to await “important matters”, with his movement’s officials calling not to leave Iraq during the month of Ramadan, apparently breaking his 5-month fast on political speech. It seemed that there was an “awakening” of al-Sadr to the impact of new rules […]