Lumír z Ulice got married: He was 23 years late in marriage!

Now, God forbid, it’s out. “I’m a bridegroom! Introducing my lady Svobodovou, “The actor boasted on the social network that the ceremony took place on Saturday. He has not yet revealed more details, but attached wedding photographs, from which it is clear that the bride and groom enjoyed their big day. Love literally bursts of […]

SERIES NEW: M * A * S * H ​​in Czech with stellar cast

He wanted to try to live modestly, so in 2018 he took off the coat of Dr. David Hofbauer from the Blue Code. “I didn’t have time for anything else, I learned a quantum of text every week and over time the character of David began to bend under the weight of the scripts, I […]

Oscar-winning Brody no longer hides in love: In Cannes he kissed …

And while he is serving his sentence for sex crimes behind bars, seductive fashion designer Georgina Chapman (45) has found a new love with him two years after her divorce. The romance with Brody was speculated about for several months, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, both lovers managed to keep their relationship under wraps […]

Actor Klem on dying Potměšila († 75): The wife was his mouth

He underwent four spine surgeries due to bone cancer. Irradiation even burned his vocal cords. Still, he didn’t give up. “He tried, first he walked on a walker, then his wife Jája rode him in a wheelchair, but for the last three quarters of the year he was just lying down. He must have suffered […]

“He enjoyed us all.” Colleagues remember Ladislav Potměšil

“He was a terribly honest actor, a great colleague, there were a lot of things to agree with. In my opinion, when he matured as an actor, he was unfortunately hit by serious health problems,” said Petr Nárožný, who played with Potměšil in a legendary sitcom. TV Nova Hospoda. According to Nárožný, it was a […]

Surgery, Specialists and Primary School. Actor Zdeněk Mucha died († 75)

The death of the actor, who was born in April 1946 in Michálkovice near Ostrava and died two weeks ago in Čerčany in the Benešov region, was informed about Theater newspaper. Zdeněk Mucha studied acting at Brno’s JAMU, graduating in the same year when Soviet tanks arrived in Bohemia. He immediately joined the Vítězslav Nezval […]