Jaroslav Hanuš († 70): He died at home in his arms

The director was like a fish until the summer, when he had a bike accident and his back started to hurt. “But suddenly the pain stopped and the husband was happy that his back was not broken and he was full of energy again,” Klára commented. After a few days, however, the pain resounded and […]

Alec Baldwin’s career may have ended. He doesn’t care about acting anymore

Alec Baldwin’s long career may be coming to an end. He admitted this in an interview with ABC on Thursday. He is no longer interested in acting. She says she doesn’t feel responsible for the death of the cameraman, who died after his shooting while filming Rust. Actor Alec Baldwin’s life changed on October 21. […]

Actors Jiří Krampol (83) were burdened again: LIGHT INFLATION!

Talking makes him very difficult. The actor has probably not had such problems as this year. Even though he was recently in Lázně Lipová and then praised how well he was breathing there, after returning to Prague, hell began again. Just breathing … “We had a traffic light show Hare in a Sack at the […]

The duck is not alone! We are threatened by non-alcoholic fatty liver

The worst part is that the disease only makes itself known when it starts to get bad. Jan Kačer belonged always to sober artists, no night drinks until morning. When he was young, he traveled with his family from Ostrava to Prague and literally fell asleep tired on the standing train. You never had a […]

Doctor Sova Ladislav Frej: DIRECTORS GO AROUND THE ARC!

So here it is. You are 80. Will you celebrate or, conversely, will you pretend that day does not exist and you will pass the jubilee? On the contrary! I will celebrate, and how! On my birthday, five or six diabetic friends come to my house and we’ll have a big party at my house. […]