Turkey in sight | U19 World Cup

GROUP A Canada finished in the first placement. Goal Senegal 85-56 and remained undefeated in the tournament. The winner had a devastating first part. After winning +14 the first quarter, he continued his offensive rhythm, went to the locker room 50 – 36 and managed the score until the end. He dominated the rebounds with […]

Star Wars: Armada: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

Originally intended as an escort for larger star destroyers, the Gladiator class now serves primarily as a patrol ship in the outer fringes of the galaxy. Equipped with an extensive arsenal of turbo lasers, concussion missiles, laser cannons and TIE squadrons, it can eradicate any local nest of resistance and restore the New Order. This […]

Cyber ​​attack on New York: what systems were compromised

Local authorities reported, through a statement, that the MTA received an alert from the FBI and from other federal agencies in which they were informed that three of their 18 computer systems were compromised. The MTA insisted that it had quickly stopped the attack on New York’s public transportation network and noted that a follow-up […]

When the colors of Chivas were dressed by America

Today is a holiday in Green Valley, juanáticos, the Chivas are turning 115 years of existence and it is a good time to remember that occasion when America, his staunch rival, had to raffle off in an international tournament with his colors. A moment that remains for history. .

A 6-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his older brother. – Univision 23 Dallas

Fort Worth, Tx- Fort Worth Police are investigating an incident involving a gun between a pair of minors. According to officials, the boys are brothers and were allegedly playing with a firearm when the 10-year-old boy accidentally shot the other. The events occurred at the Woodford Ridge apartment complex located at 6004 Oakland Knoll Drive […]

Star Wars: Armada – Imperial Light Cruiser – Expansion

Light cruisers secure the supremacy of the Empire across the galaxy. As communication and blockade ships, they have already put an end to many resistance cells in the Outer Rim. With quad laser cannons, turbo lasers and vibration rockets, the reliable and versatile cruisers teach the Tebellen fear. Several of them can take on the […]