Microsoft Acquires Activision/Blizzard/King in a Serious Business Deal.

ABOUT ACTIVISION BLIZZARD GAMES IN GAME PASS Phil Spencer said: “At the close (of Microsoft’s buyout), we will offer as many Activision Blizzard games as we can within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, both new titles and games from Activision Blizzard’s incredible catalogue. Also We announced today that Game Pass now has over […]

Tonight, Earth will be safely passed by an asteroid nicknamed ‘City Killer’.

EPAIllustration of the asteroid 2012 DA14, which brushed past Earth in February 2013 without hitting it NOS News•today, 13:55 When hearing “2023 DZ2” not everyone may think of space rocks and telescopes. In that respect, the term used by the European space agency ESA speaks more to the imagination: city killer. Tonight, an asteroid with […]

The Juice spaceship is heading to Jupiter this April!

European Space Agency (ESA) prepare to sendSpacecraft Juice (Jupiter or Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) which is a probe to Jupiter and 3 moons of Jupiter, including the moonEuropa (Europa), Ganymede (Ganymede) andCallisto (Calisto) It is scheduled to depart on April 13, 2023. Spacecraft’s key equipment, Juice byjuice spacecraftThe total weight of fuel is 6,000 kilograms, […]

The Sun’s True Size Revealed

Friday, 3 March 2023 – 09:03 WIB LIVE Techno – On January 3, Solar Orbiter saw the planet Mercury crossing in front of the Sun. The stopover of the small ball with its dark color makes the scale of our solar system very clear. Mercury, which is about a third the size of Earth, looks […]

Hubble Telescope Detects 3 Galaxies About to Collide

Jakarta – A new photo taken by Hubble Space Telescope owned by NASA revealed three galaxies that were on a collision course. The galaxies located in the constellation Bootes will eventually merge to form one larger galaxy. In the process, these galaxies will lose their spiral structure due to the gravitational interaction between them. Despite […]

Young professional Torsiello receives a professional contract from Darmstadt 98

A soccer ball is in the net before the match. (© Friso Gentsch/dpa/symbol picture) Darmstadt (dpa/lhe) – – Under-18 national team player Fabio Torsiello has signed his first professional contract with SV Darmstadt 98. As the second division soccer club announced on Tuesday, the 17-year-old striker, who was born in Darmstadt, he has been awarded […]

5 sad stories of animals sent into space, from worms to dogs

JAKARTA, – File the sad story of an animal sent into spacefrom Worm As far as Dog. Dozens of animals have sent into space by man to carry out special shipments. From this series of women who have been sent, there have been many sad and strange stories that have happened during the sending […]

30-year-old dies in Johannesviertel – police are investigating

Police arrested a 25-year-old on Thursday. A seriously injured woman had previously been found in an apartment in Darmstadt’s Johannesviertel. The prosecutor’s office and the police are investigating a suspected murder that allegedly took place in the Johannesviertel in Darmstadt. (© Darmstadt – A seriously injured 30-year-old woman was discovered on Thursday at around […]

not a Dutchman, but a Belgian

ESA ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 17:39•Edited yesterday, 18:59 The European Space Agency ESA has designated five new astronauts. More than 22,000 people had registered, including around a thousand Dutch, but the choice for the new crop of career astronauts fell on applicants from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom. The new astronauts were presented this afternoon […]

Europe presents first astronaut with a physical disability | Technician

The European space agency ESA presented its new astronauts on Wednesday. The group is made up of two women and three men, including a Belgian. Also announced the first astronaut with a physical disability. The new team will be training early next year to go to the ISS space station. In the future, they might […]