Squid Game in Maastricht popular with younger children | 1Limburg

Although the famous Netflix series Squid Game has an age rating of 16 years and older, there are many younger children in Maastricht who want to participate in a game event of the series on the Markt. There will be played ‘red light-green light’ on Saturday, better known in the Netherlands as Annemaria Koekoek. As […]

Disney Plus is expected to remake Netflix within 5 years

Disney Plus continues to attract new subscribers, thanks in large part to an intensive effort to increase the range of available movies and TV series. According to a new report from Digital TV Research quoted by The Hollywood Reporter Disney Plus will have 284.2 million subscribers by 2026, which means that it will pass market-leading […]

US companies are moving south

Goodbye, California Tesla boss Elon Musk moves the company headquarters to Austin, Texas. (Photo: AP) New York In the middle of Texas, Elon Musk announced his departure from Silicon Valley on Friday. In Austin, where Tesla is already building a large plant, the electrical pioneer announced to investors that the headquarters would be relocated to […]

the musical inspirations of the actors of La Casa de Papel

In the last weeks, Netflix partnered with Spotify to create a space completely dedicated to one of its series that accumulates the most hours of viewing: The Money Heist. In this way, the cast members who bring the fiction of Alex Pina they were encouraged to confess what their musical inspirations and the songs that […]

Series highlights in October | MDR JUMP

At the same streaming provider you can also watch “Chip und Chap: Life in the Park” with the children. There’s a new episode here every week. If you want to get scared, but don’t have any small Star Wars or Lego fans at home, try the new series “Witches and Cats”. It will be available […]

iconic actor quits Netflix series after 4 seasons

Posted on Friday, October 8, 2021 at 10:18 a.m. Through Xavier Verheyden Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue Caramba! Present since season 2 of “Riverdale”, Mark Consuelos leaves the series. This news will not please fans of the Netflix series! While he played for 4 seasons the character of Hiram Lodge, the father of Veronica, played by Camila Mendes, […]

Documentary “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!”: Netflix makes fun of the cinema – culture

By Thomas Klingenmaier Thomas Klingenmaier (tkl)Profile October 07, 2021 – 10:20 a.m. Rob Lowe demonstrates Hollywood clichés – here in particular the baguette that absolutely has to peek out of every shopping bag. Foto: Netflix/2021 In a one-hour session on Netflix, presenter Rob Lowe shows how the cinema sees the world: Attention, “Attack of Hollywood […]