Out of 100 couples 80 separate due to financial problems

The data is surprising but the reality is that the economic issue is vital for the proper functioning of any project, but especially of a couple, no matter their level or social condition. The psychologist, economist and family therapist, Joaquín Disla, revealed that an investigation carried out in the United States in 2019 determined that […]

Estrella clarifies it went through “rigorous audits”

Ingeniería Estrella defended last night the transaction of 1.1 million dollars that it executed to the Nashville Financial company for payment of services provided in studies and designs at the time of construction of the Corredor Duarte I contract. Estrella responded to an investigative work issued by journalist Alicia Ortega in her Monday Report, where […]

Abinader to speak to the UN on Wednesday

President Luis Abinader will make his international debut at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) on the 23rd, within the framework of the 75th Plenary Session of the General Assembly. Given that the conclave will be held for the first time virtually, due to the global health crisis generated by COVID-19, Abinader will […]

PROTESTS – New York and New Jersey police officers kneel in solidarity protest

Agents from New York City and Camden (New Jersey) have knelt or raised a fist as the demonstrations against racism passed, in a gesture of solidarity towards the protests that helps to regain normalcy, away from violence of these nights in multiple cities in the United States with clashes between citizens and the forces of […]

Six Dominicans Extradited in August for Money and Drug Laundering

Santo Domingo, RD. Before the last period of government ended, the former president Danilo Medina signed the extraditions to the United States of six Dominican citizens linked to possession and distribution of controlled substances, homicides and other offenses committed to the detriment of the North American country. The six decrees in which the extraditions were […]

Abinader defines policy on Haitian migration

President Luis Abinader warned last night that Haitians who come to the Dominican Republic will have to do so with a work permit and once they finish, they will have to return to their country. During an interview with CNN en Español journalist Camilo Egaña, Abinader said that he will collaborate with the Haitian authorities […]

New York asks for US $ 59,000 million to face budget deficit

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, asked the United States Congress for an injection of US $ 59,000 million to address the “catastrophic” budget deficit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuomo made this request in a letter with several union leaders, insisting that the lack of such funds will have a great impact on […]

Mysterious horse mutilations baffle France

Armed with knives, knowledge of their prey and a great deal of cruelty, unknown people mutilate horses in French meadows, in acts that could be ritual. The police are disconcerted by the macabre attacks, which in most cases consist of amputating one of the animals’ ears — usually the right — which is reminiscent of […]

The world increases restrictions against the indomitable coronavirus

The coronavirus continues to gain ground even in countries that were considered exemplary in their combat and several increased restrictions to contain the pandemic. Since it appeared in China in December, the virus has added more than 828,000 deaths and 24 million infections worldwide, according to an AFP count based on official figures. The United […]

Father of the murderer of a young man from Baoruco apologizes

“I was prepared … I knew something was going to happen to him, but I never expected him to do something like this … In my family we are not like that and none of us has done something of that nature,” said Francisco Gómez, father of Franklin Alberto Gómez Féliz (Cunin) , 21, who […]