London Kills Me – The New Spain

Edgar Wright you can turn any material into a lustrous catalog of stunning images thanks to exercises in a bombastic style. His films may have more or less solvent scripts and their irregularity is indisputable, but in all of them there are a handful of moments that make your eyes stand on edge. Do we […]

London can experience the ‘Northern Lights’ in its sky this Christmas

The Swiss artist Dan Acher bring the Northern Lights to London this Christmas. With the artistic project Borealis, Acher wants “bring the Northern Lights experience to cities around the world “, according to explains on its website. “The Northern Lights have long inspired awe; recreate its majesty in urban skies, Dan allows city dwellers to […]

Ramsdale and Arsenal, history of England

Nov 17, 2021 at 4:40 PM THIS The Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, made his debut under Gareth Southgate as an English international at the bulky win (0-10) against San Marino on the last day of the group stage of the European Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Briton, who is being important with […]

Shell will no longer be “Royal Dutch”, it will move its headquarters to Britain

The company is being pushed by the hedge fund Third Point, which has a stake in Shell and is trying to push through fundamental changes. He argues, for example, that simplifying the corporate structure will mean that the company will be able to achieve higher profits, and thus bring better results to shareholders. Third Point […]

Gb: Johnson earned 4.7 million in second jobs in 14 years – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LONDON, NOVEMBER 12 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the last 14 years, in which he was also a deputy and mayor of London, has earned more than 4 million pounds in legal and declared activities (4, 7 million euros). This is what we read in an article published by the Financial […]

Ruzha Ignatova with a mansion for BGN 30 million in London

Ruzha Ignatova with a mansion for BGN 30 million in London. The revelations come from an investigation by Jamie Bartlett and Rob Byrne of the BBC. Two years ago, Bulgaria entered the world news after the United States accused Ruzha and Konstantin Ignatovi of money laundering. It is about the activity of a network of […]

Billions of our Roses are working while the FBI is looking for her

A money laundering case in a German court highlighted another piece of the puzzle that represents Ruzha Ignatova and her criminal endeavors for the whole world. Recent revelations have revealed that lawyers and financial intermediaries in London continue to operate on Ignatova’s money, even though she has been missing for nearly four years and half […]

Ayesa’s dilemma with the SE-40 and with the new London tunnel

The Sevillian engineering company Ayesa clearly and publicly opted at the end of 2020 for a bridge for the crossing of the SE-40 over the Guadalquivir river on the way to the Aljarafe, while it is participating in London in the construction of the tunnel between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Silvertown district under the […]