Tom Ford remained a widower –

Tom Ford Photo: Reuters Richard Buckley, the husband of designer Tom Ford, has passed away at the age of 72 from a natural death at their home in Los Angeles, after a long illness, reports “Daily mail”. Tom Ford and their son Jack were with Richard, who was a fashion journalist, in his final hours. […]

ICAO will present a report on the plane landing in Minsk

Photo: Radio Liberty Two Ryanair passengers, Roman Protasevich and Sofia Sapega, were detained in Minsk The ICAO Council will be briefed on the status of the investigation on 13 September. If council members agree with this report, then it will be made public. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is a specialized agency of […]

Monica Lewinsky shows in a series her story about the scandal with Bill Clinton

No one but you should tell your story. And if anyone dares to do so, it will be disgusting. That’s what mega producer Ryan Murphy told Monica Lewinsky when he accidentally spotted her at a party three years ago. By this time, he was considering filming New York Times journalist Jeffrey Tubin’s book about the […]

Beating of a journalist under the OP: the attackers were arrested

Photo: TSN Beating up the photocor under the OP The two guys who beat the photographer were given a preventive measure: one was arrested, the other was under house arrest. The Pechersky Court of Kiev on Wednesday, August 18, chose a measure of restraint for two men who are suspected of beating a photojournalist during […]

BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford is forced out of Russia

Rainsford has learned the language, studied the culture and people, the country’s history and worked from time to time as the BBC’s Moscow correspondent. – I have really loved trying to tell Russia’s history to the world, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell a story. Still, I did not expect this. It’s shocking, […]

K-19 took an anti-vaccine to a hospital and changed his mind, but too late

The American radio host, known for his attitude against vaccines, Dick Farrell, died of coronavirus. Before his death, he changed his mind and called on his friends to get vaccinated, reports WPTV in Florida. Farrell was the host of the federal television network Newsmax, and then began working in radio in West Palm Beach. For […]

The journalist was detained by the police

“Tonight a completely drunk journalist @oko_press some @Gruca_Radoslaw, staggering in front of the officers, got into the car and started the engine. He called the intervening policemen names and began to fight with them. They had to use coercive measures” – the journalist “Do Rzeczy” informed on Twitter. and the TVP correspondent in Germany Cezary […]

Dozens of public organizations liquidated in Belarus in a day

Фото: Getty Images Journalists and human rights defenders – among the “liquidated” The list of those liquidated includes human rights and journalistic organizations, as well as European integration projects. In Belarus, the Ministry of Justice has liquidated 42 public organizations of the country, including human rights organizations, in a day. This was announced on Friday, […]