The Mystery of the 1965 Tickets Carried by Banyuwangi-Surabaya Ghost Bus Passengers

Sidoarjo – Story ghost bus Banyuwangi-Surabaya route, which only takes 5 minutes is still a mystery to this day. The bus seems real because it also provides tickets for its passengers. Residents around the Purabaya Bungurasih Terminal, Syafiil Anam admitted that he still remembers the confused look of the female passenger who just got off […]

Passenger bus falls into abyss in Nepal, 28 casualties

Photo: 24 people died at the scene of the accident The bus, which carried more than 40 passengers, burst a tire. The driver could not keep the bus on the road and he fell from a height. In northwest Nepal, at least 28 people were killed in a car accident. The bus with passengers […]

A man attacks passengers on a bus with hot spray because of the masks

A man sprayed passengers on a bus in Germany with hot spray after a dispute over wearing a mask. A dispute erupted on a night bus in Wiesbaden on Saturday night because a young man refused to wear a mask covering his nose and mouth, police explained. After being forced to get out of the […]

In Moscow, a woman fell under a bus during a fight. 18+

Photo: Still from video A woman died on the spot from her injuries According to the video, before the incident, the deceased attacked the man with her fists. When he hit her back, the woman fell under a passing bus. In the Russian capital, a woman died under the wheels of a bus. She fell […]

The La Palma bus line will become municipal with more frequencies for students

Castejón, Arroyo and Ruiz during their meeting with the Board of Directors of the Cartagena FAMPA. WORRY The mayor, Noelia Arroyo placeholder image, accompanied by the vice mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and the Councilor for Education, Irene Ruiz, has held a meeting with the Board of Directors of the FAMPA of Cartagena and region, to […]

In Germany, an armed man hijacks a tourist bus

Photo: RIA Novosti Police detain suspect in bus hijacking in southern Germany Both drivers were in the bus with the alleged armed passenger, all other passengers were waiting at the side of the road. In Germany, an armed criminal took hostage people who were traveling in a tourist bus on a motorway in Bavaria. On […]