In Mexico, 59 corpses found in a mass grave

Fifty-nine bodies were found in a mass grave discovered in the center of Mexico, the authorities announced Wednesday (October 28th). The macabre discovery was made in the town of Salvatierra in the state of Guanajuato, the scene of a war between cartels drug rivals. At least ten of the bodies were female and most of […]

Violence picks up in Honduras after brief lack of refinement

Tegucigalpa, Honduras Corpses in bags and sheets they reappeared in the streets of the capital Honduran, in a rebound in violence that affects northern Central America after a truce due to isolation to contain the contagion of covid-19. In a single night, on August 13, there were synchronized attacks by the gangs in different parts […]

They discover a drifting boat with a dozen bodies near Spain | International

ARCHIVO | Hamdi Zaghdane | France Media Agency visits He Spanish maritime rescue service on Wednesday located a boat with between 8 and 10 inert bodies 80 miles from the Canary Islands archipelago, located off the coast of North Africa, reported a spokeswoman. A rescue service plane found the ship adrift while it was involved […]