Shooting reported at Supermarket in Boulder, Colorado

Through social networks, a active shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and images of the unfortunate event show multiple victims. According to Boulder police, the shooter was inside the Mall, where he started shooting in the supermarket and the police also responded to the attack. ALERT: Active Shooter at the King Soopers on Table […]

Viral video | Elderly man shared his story on the Internet of how he survived the Texas winter storm and received a free travel offer to Italy with a stay in a luxury hotel | YouTube | United States | USA | USA | nnda nnrt | STORIES

Ezell Holley is a 91-year-old man from U.S who is looking forward to traveling to Italy to enjoy the free stay offered to you at the luxurious hotel Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria after his experience surviving without power and freezing in his own home during the Texas winter storm, rated as “Historical” for the amount […]

Geovanny Fuentes Ramírez is found guilty in the Court of New York

NEW YORK, USA.- The Honduran Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez was found guilty, unanimously, of the crimes of conspiracy to import cocaine and crimes related to weapons that involve the use and possession of machine guns and destructive devices. This Tuesday the jury delivered its verdict in New York, United States. The jury in charge of the […]

New York City’s first black mayor dies

New York, USA. David Dinkins, the first black mayor of the city ​​of New York, died at 93 years of age, US media indicated. The politician democrat ruled the city sinceand 1990 until 1993 after defeating Rudy Giuliani Y Edward Koch. His tenure was marked by con racial conflicts –notably the 1991 Crown Heights riot […]

Telegram | How to know if someone blocked you | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Viral | Trick | Tutorial | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated on 03/21/2021 10:59 pm ¿Usas Telegram? The application is a program that has been downloaded by many people in the world, after WhatsApp put its new 2021 policies as a condition for its use, which allows Facebook to collect certain data in order to improve its advertising. In Telegram It is possible to change […]

Iran has made threats against military post

Iran has made threats against Fort McNair, an Army post in the US capital, and against the Army’s deputy chief of staff, two senior US intelligence officials said. They indicated that communications intercepted by the National Security Agency (NSA) in January showed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard spoke about the possibility of mounting USS Cole-style […]

New York, in dramatic health situation due to …

In the last days, New York It stopped being the city that never sleeps to become the dramatic epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States. The Big Apple is going through a serious health emergency. Hospitals report a growing number of deaths and patients from the pandemic, and health workers report shortages of personnel, […]

Young man behind epic Twitter hack in US sentenced

Graham Ivan Clark, 18, was sentenced to prison for Twitter hack U.S. A adolescent of Florida accused of planning a computer attack to celebrity Twitter accounts, and then scam the followers of these asking them for cryptocurrencies, he was sentenced to three years in a juvenile prison after an agreement with the prosecution, authorities reported. […]