Dr. Walter & Platvoet – specialist lawyers for construction

Lawyer | Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law Professional background Studied law in Bonn, scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer FoundationResearch assistant at the Institute for Civil Procedure Law at the University of BonnLegal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of CologneResearch assistant at the law firm Linklaters LLP in Düsseldorf2009 to 2017 lawyer at […]

Women in Kuwait can now be fighters in the army

In Kuwait, women can now be in the army Photo: Twitter For the first time, Kuwaiti women will be able to enlist in the army after fighting for years, they were limited to civilian functions, the army reported, Nova TV reported. Defense Minister Hamad Jaber al-Ali al-Sabah said the door was open for women to […]

Condor flies to New York

Following the lifting of the US entry bans announced on Monday, Condor has added flights from Frankfurt to New York JFK to its program from November 11th. The route is always served non-stop on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets can be booked from EUR 299.99 per person and route. “After the announcement of […]

Afghanistan: attack on Jalalabad, at least 4 dead – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 OCT – At least four people were killed in an attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Tolo news reports it. According to Taliban officials, the dead are two civilians and two members of the Islamic Emirate forces. According to other international media, among the victims there is also Sayed Maroof Sadat, the former […]

Crew Dragon pilot filmed Earth view

Photo: frame from video Civilian mission pilot Crew Dragon took down Earth The spacecraft was operated by a fully civilian crew for the first time in history and returned to Earth three days later. The crew of the civilian mission Crew Dragon Inspiration 4 filmed a video of the view of Earth through the window […]

SpaceX tourists return to Earth

Photo: twitter.com/SpaceX Water capsule with tourists on the ocean The ship’s capsule landed on the ocean as scheduled. The four civilians spent about three days in orbit. The Crew Dragon spacecraft, whose crew four civilians for the first time, splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida on Sunday night, September 19. […]

First Time SpaceX Will Finally Launch Civil Crew into Earth Orbit

PR PANGARAN – Billionaire entrepreneur is rumored to be setting off into space this week, strapped in a rocketship capsule SpaceX. His departure was as part of an astro-tourist team ready to make history as a crew civil first launched to Earth Orbit. Jared Isaacman, founder and chief executive of e-commerce company Shift4 Payments, will […]

Bulgarians are most skeptical about COVID vaccines in the EU

PHOTO: Pixabay Only 39 percent of Bulgarians believe that everyone should be vaccinated against coronavirus as part of their civic duty. This is the lowest level in the entire European Union, it is clear from the current “Eurobarometer”. The average EU support for mass vaccination is 66%, with 86% of Portuguese in favor. There is […]

In Saudi Arabia, the drone attacked the airport: eight wounded

Photo: english.alarabiya.net Part of an exploded drone The civilian plane was damaged, and eight people were injured as a result of the attack by a kamikaze drone. In Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, August 31, a mined drone attacked the airport in Abha. As a result, the civilian plane was damaged, eight people were injured, the […]

Britain removes 200 cats and dogs from Kabul and completes evacuation

Photo: bbc.com Pen Farthing with one of the lucky ticket animals Since the beginning of August, Britain has removed 15,000 civilians, 1,000 soldiers, 40 cats and 160 dogs from Afghanistan. Britain has completed an operation to evacuate from Afghanistan civilians, soldiers and Afghans who were helping the British. Since August 13, about 15 thousand civilians […]