Indonesia Breaks World Records for COVID-19 Deaths

Indonesia has the world’s highest death rate from COVID-19 This week in Indonesia, 1,400 people per day were dying from the coronavirus. WHO is urging the country to impose strict restrictions. WHO called on Indonesia to tighten quarantine restrictions – the country leads the world in the daily number of deaths from coronavirus. About it […]

WHO reports the spread of the Lambda coronavirus strain in 30 countries / GORDON

According to her, the strain circulates mainly in the Americas. Van Kerkhove said the WHO added the Lambda strain to the list of interest in June. It was first registered in Peru in December 2020. The WHO spokeswoman also added that the organization is closely monitoring the strain and is working with the organization’s member […]

UN warns of another aftermath of the pandemic

Mass vaccination campaigns for children have been postponed in dozens of countries around the world Globally, the rate of vaccination of children against measles, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis has dropped dramatically, which can trigger outbreaks of these diseases. Last year, when the whole world was faced with the coronavirus pandemic, 23 million children did […]

WHO condemns COVID vaccination with third dose

Photo: WHO Chief Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus The head of the organization calls for the donation of vaccines for the booster dose to the international COVAX mechanism. The World Health Organization is urging states to stop giving a third dose of coronavirus vaccine to fully vaccinated citizens until poor countries receive the first two doses. […]

Mixing of COVID-19 vaccines / GORDON calls dangerous trend in WHO

WHO expert on immunization Anne Lindstrand said this on July 12 at a briefing that broadcast on the organization’s YouTube channel. “As with other vaccines, the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine diminishes over time. But research shows that overall vaccines provide a fairly high level of protection,” she said. At the same briefing, WHO Chief […]

WHO announced the deterioration of the situation with COVID in the world

Фото: Getty Images The WHO announced the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus in the world The delta strain has already spread to hundreds of countries, the WHO stressed and reminded of its greater infectiousness and lethality. The Delta COVID strain has already spread to 104 countries and will soon become the dominant strain in […]

A train caught fire on the rails: rail traffic is disrupted – News by sources

The railway traffic is temporarily interrupted on Monday morning, on Highway 300, in Braşov County, after a fire in the first wagon of a freight train. “The railway traffic is temporarily stopped on Highway 300, in Bea stop, Brasov county, for the fire intervention intervention produced at the first wagon of a freight train. The […]

Starting Monday, July 12, 2021, KAI Implements New Regulations for Commuter, Local and Agglomeration Train Travel

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Starting tomorrow, Monday 12 July 2021, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) will implement new regulations for all Commuter, Near/Local and Agglomeration train trips. The regulation based on the Circular of the Ministry of Transportation is intended for travel for essential sector offices and critical sectors related to the implementation of Emergency Community Activity […]

Riding the KRL must use a letter of assignment starting July 12

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Communications (Ministry of Transportation) requires passengers train commuter (KRL) to bring a Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) or other certificate issued by the local government and/or a letter of assignment signed by the head of the company with a minimum rank of echelon II. This new provision is specifically for […]

WHO began to track the Russian strain of COVID

Photo: WHO monitors Russian strain of coronavirus This mutation SARS-CoV-2 was detected in Russia in January 2021. And since June 9, WHO has been closely monitoring it. The World Health Organization has included the Russian strain of coronavirus AT.1 on the list for further monitoring. This follows from the data on website organizations. It […]