McConnell officially refuses to consider the impeachment of the president in advance | Trump | Senate | Trump impeachment

[Epoch Times News on January 14, 2021](Reported by English Epoch Times reporter Janita Kan/Compiled by Chen Ting)SenateMajority Leader MitchMcConnell(Mitch McConnell) said on Wednesday (January 13) thatTrump(Trump) President’s second impeachment trial will not begin until Biden is sworn in. His statement formally rejected the request for him to return earlySenate, To begin the next phase of […]

The bioethics bill back to the Senate

The special Senate committee will begin the examination on Tuesday 19 January of the bioethics bill, before an examination in public session, in second reading, from February 2. Heard by the special committee on Wednesday January 13, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, also said to hope strongly that this text can be adopted definitively […]

Schumer calls for quick confirmation from Joe Biden’s government

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that the coronavirus aid bill will be his party’s top priority, but added that the recent violent assault on Capitol Hill shows the need to confirm the team’s President-elect Joe Biden’s national security on day one of the new government. In a letter to his colleagues first shared […]

Trump’s political legacy mortgages the future of the Republican Party

Saturday, 9 January 2021 – 22:51 Eleven months and two days. That’s how long it takes to go from a headline on the front page that says “US President comes out stronger after overcoming impeachment” to one that proclaims “Trumpists storm Capitol Hill and Washington declares curfew.” It’s the distance from February 7, 2020 to […]

U.S. Georgia final election finals, the Democratic Party wins narrowly and retakes both houses of Senate and House of Representatives_Biden

Original title: Georgia, the final election finals, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and the House of Representatives (Washington Observation) Georgia, U.S. final election finals, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and the House of Representatives China News Service, Washington, January 9th, title: Georgia, USA, the final election, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and […]

Usa: Obama, Georgia crucial, high stakes – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 05 JAN – The stakes with the Georgia ballots “could not be higher. We are witnessing how some are willing to push themselves to maintain power and threaten the fundamental principles of our democracy”. This was stated by Barack Obama in an implicit reference to Donald Trump on the day of […]

Trump lawyer: Pence must be shot for treason

A lawyer for Trump says Vice President Mike Pence should be executed for “treason” for not having seconded lawsuits to overturn the election results. Lin Wood, a lawyer for outgoing US President Donald Trump, suggested on Twitter Saturday that Pence should “face execution by firing squad”For not supporting the allegations of electoral fraud and granting […]