Rather Windows or Linux, your Apple M1?

Written by Nicolas D. | January 20, 2021 at 4:58 pm | 8865 bims The firm at the apple had announced it this summer and then materialized last November: it is the end of Intel and x86 for their machines: the future will be under the instruction set ARM, and whatever. it is necessary to […]

The Medium is one of the first purely next-gen games, emu answer the demands

<!—-> The main attraction of The Medium will be the ability to quickly switch between the two versions of reality. In practice, this means that the graphics card will have to model exactly two scenes at once. According to the author, only modern consoles can do so with SSD disks. The game is an exclusivity […]

Microsoft patents technology to create chat bots of a person, even a deceased

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums The digital age does not stop and advances in interaction with people, or with machines, continue to surprise, especially what is planned for the future. Little by little, technology has taken place in terms of basic communication relationships, which […]

Windows 10: Microsoft still does not fix dangerous data corruption bug

Just a few days ago, we reported on the discovery of a bug in Windows 10 that could cause the loss of your file system on your hard drive. This corrupts the master table in the operating system and Microsoft you just confirmed that you still can’t find a solution. The news stems from a […]

Windows 10 system exposes bugs!Use the Chrome browser to link a specific string and the screen turns into a “blue screen” in seconds-Free News 3C Technology

(The picture is taken from Microsoft’s official website) According to foreign mediaBleeping ComputerAccording to reports, a foreign security researcher, Jonas Lykkegaard, recently discovered that Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system seems to have a security vulnerability that can make the system crash and cause the device to fail to work normally. When using the Chrome browser […]

Xbox: these are the exclusive games that will arrive on the console in 2021

After the hard blow that represented the postponement of the official launch of Halo Infinite, which was going to be the great starting title for the new generation of Xbox, Microsoft is now gearing up for the console war with the reveal of its exclusive games. This week, the company announced the complete list of […]

These are the exclusive games that will arrive in 2021

The console Xbox Series X will take a big leap in how much exclusive releases This 2021, the premise has long-awaited titles like Halo Infinite, the company fort Microsoft on your console. In addition to this, we can enjoy titles like Avowed, the expected Perfect Dark, the classic Fable, among others. But with few confirmed […]

The next Windows is completely redesigned and inevitably reminiscent of MacOS

Related news Microsoft has been blamed for some time for the lack of innovation in its Windows systems for several generations. Even more so with the arrival of the new MacBook M1 to Spain and consequently macOS Big Sur, the aesthetic renovation of Apple’s operating system. Windows 10X, Microsoft’s new system, will pick up the […]

More exclusive to Xbox ?: Microsoft is about to acquire more video game companies

News By Alexandro Santos | January 13, 2021, 5:04 PM Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft wants to continue growing and have more and more exclusives for Xbox. According to the journalist Brad Sams, insider specialist in information of said console, currently there are economic offers on the table of many companies. On his official […]