Environment – Berlin – Allotments rethought: forest gardens in Neukölln – Knowledge

Berlin/Kassel (dpa/bb) – The federal allotment garden law is being reinterpreted here: an allotment garden park is being created in the south of Berlin, which should clearly differ from a classic allotment garden colony. ‘A forest garden consists mainly of edible, perennial plants that partially overlap in several layers of vegetation, very similar to the […]

Could the Aurora Natural Phenomenon Occur in Indonesia?

Apart from one princess beautiful in the movie Sleeping Beauty, the aurora is also a very beautiful natural phenomenon. The dance of several spectrums of light among the stars of the night sky, is certainly a natural phenomenon that is very stunning and spoils the human eye. Aurora is one of the amazing natural phenomena […]

Scientists Unveil Mysterious 200-Year-Old Footprints on Wales Coast

Merdeka.com – Paleontologists at the Natural History Museum in London, England, say the giant footprints found on the coast of Wales are believed to be the footprints of early dinosaurs more than 200 years ago. Experts say, the footprints come from the Triassic period, which are thought to belong to a sauropod animal or its […]

In the new “Little Island” park, New Yorkers enjoy their new-found freedom

Published on : 22/05/2021 – 12:16 In the United States, the city of New York has just acquired a new park called “Little Island”, which since its opening has attracted many walkers. The opportunity for residents to take advantage of the deconfinement after months of confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. A breath of freedom […]

Forced sterilization helps South African lions survive. Their number in the reservation is rising – ČT24 – Czech Television

Small reservations like this are successful in saving the lion’s population. In two decades, 43 percent of lions have declined, reaching the point of endangered species. Of the 20,000 wildlife animals worldwide, 3,500 are in South Africa, and 7,000 live in Rietspruit-like reserves near the vast Kruger Park. Providing animals with an appropriate environment while […]

Another foreign tick was found in Hungary

The second was found in Bács-Kiskun county Hyalomma ticks in Hungary within the framework of the Tick Monitoring Program of the ELKH Ecological Research Center (ÖK) – the ELKH announces. The program started in the spring, with the first specimen of the non-native group found in Vas County in September. THE Hyalomma marginatum an individual […]

Playful lion takes on a challenge with jeep full of tourists

Whether small or king of the jungle, cats love to play. Some tourists in South Africa have experienced this first-hand. After their tour guide got stuck in the undergrowth, a curious lion came to take a look. Just as the guide was about to drive away, the lion stopped them by pulling on the rope […]

Animals: The green toad is amphibian of the year 2022 – knowledge

With its spotted coloration, the green toad (Bufotes viridis) is one of the most attractive amphibian species in Germany, but also one of the most threatened due to decades of population decline. According to the information, it is on the red lists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is listed there as “critically endangered” or […]