Turkey has the maximum number of COVID infections per day

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3 633 925 cases have been recorded in the country, deaths – almost 33 thousand. Turkey has set a record for the number of coronavirus infections per day since the start of the pandemic. Thus, 55 941 new COVID cases have been identified in the country, writes Reuters. Over […]

90 people with coronavirus died in Russia in a day :: Society :: RBC

In total, 16.1 thousand deaths after infection were registered in Russia. It is also known about 946.9 thousand cases of infection, during the day this number increased by 4870 Photo: Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti Over the past day, 90 deaths were recorded in Russia after being infected with coronavirus, according to the operational headquarters […]

Moria was lethal with Rial: It seems dark

In July 2018, Jorge Rial took a few months off intruders, after 18 uninterrupted years of work. The person in charge of replacing it was Moria Casán. Since then, the relationship between the two was not the same and One described the driver as “ungrateful”. In a radio note on “Polino Auténtico”, the “Bailando” jury […]

PANET | “People think that I have Corona and get away from me.”

In light of the spread of rumors about the presence of patients with HIV in a hospital here or there in various parts of the country, some members of the Arab community live in a state of anxiety about the possibility Arrival Corona virus to the country. There are some who wonder about the extent […]