“Another world is possible”

The Frankfurt Institute for Social Research (IfS) has stood for a critical analysis of social conditions for 100 years. According to the current director, the sociologist Stephan Lessenich, the intellectual legacy of its protagonists Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse or Freud still shapes the work today. Professor Lessenich, for a year and a half you have been […]

Alena’s horoscope: Colleagues envy Sagittarius, blame Capricorns

ARIES Good luck is with you all day. At work, you encounter difficulties that you are able to overcome and cope with your duties. Do not share your plans with anyone if you are developing your own business. It’s time to realize that you are stronger when you keep your plans quiet, because that way […]

Alena’s horoscope: Libras with labor feats, Scorpios with new achievements

ARIES Do not share with anyone if you won a large amount of money today, because you will be bombarded with requests for loans. Don’t show generosity. Consider all contracts, but do not sign them. You have a day ahead that will bring you income and recognition due to successfully completed negotiations and the signing […]

Record increase in the price of cheese and meat

Inflation for the whole of 2022 is 16.9%, NSI announced Cheese has exceeded BGN 25 per kilogram, butter is over BGN 7.60 per 250 grams Eggs rose in price by 65% Food prices rose by 25.6% last year, the National Statistical Institute announced. And inflation for the whole of 2022 is 16.9%. In the case […]

Alena’s horoscope: Aquarians receive praise, Pisces in successful conversations

ARIES Be careful if you have to make decisive business changes on the day off, because Mercury is in its retrograde motion and imposes restrictions, caution and moderation. Don’t make hasty business decisions. Take care of your elderly relative, take him to the doctor if necessary, communicate so that he gathers strength to continue his […]

Optimistic consumer gives New York stock markets a boost – Wel.nl

NEW YORK (AP) – The stock exchanges in New York have traded with a profit after previous minuses. New data on consumer confidence in the United States boosted sentiment on the trading floors. Large banks were in the spotlight after the presentation of their quarterly results. The Dow Jones index ended 0.3 percent higher at […]