Dinosaur remains may be from the largest animal that ever walked the earth – Wel.nl

The remains of a titanosaurus unearthed several years ago in Patagonia may belong to an animal even larger than the largest dinosaur known to date, paleontologists now say. In northwestern Patagonia, in the Neuquén province, a collection of bones from the sauropod, a dinosaur species with extremely long necks, tails and large round legs, has […]

New York even more Jewish | Jewish general

There are more Jews living in New York today than there were ten years ago. That is the result of a study by the United Jewish Appeal Federation in New York. According to the survey, there were around 1.41 million Jews in New York in 2002, compared to 1.54 million in 2011. In household terms: […]

For the protection of endangered species

It continues with saving the world – for the fifth year in a row. The Israeli organization TiME (This is My Earth) bought two pieces of land abroad last year to save threatened species from extinction. These include two species of monkeys, several species of birds and plants. One area is in Brazil, the other […]

“Lungs look worse than those of a smoker” – Wel.nl

Most people recover from the coronavirus without any problems, but some seriously ill corona patients have significant lung damage afterwards. An American trauma surgeon shows on X-rays what ‘post-covid lungs’ sometimes look like. “Worse than smoker’s lungs.” Texas surgeon Brittany Bankhead-Kendall shows three lung images: that of a healthy person, that of a smoker, and […]

Rabbi Amram on the ladder

The Talmud tells of how Rabbi Meir used to scoff at sinners (Kiddushin 81a). One day Satan appeared to him as a woman on the other side of the river, and since there was no ferry to cross, he grabbed the dock line and walked over. When he reached the middle, that one (Satan) left […]

Chinese vaccine is barely more than 50 percent effective – Wel.nl

The corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac is only 50.4 percent effective, according to the latest Brazilian study. That is much less than previous data showed and hardly more than the 50 percent required to be approved. Due to the high number of corona infections, Brazil chose to purchase the Chinese vaccine that was […]

“People pay 400 euros for vitamins that they urinate out again” – Wel.nl

The vitamin infusion is still gaining popularity. Those who feel tired or live unhealthy can have a dose of vitamins and minerals administered via an IV. This comes with a hefty price tag, while its usefulness has not been proven in any way. “My problem with those IVs is that it is superfluous,” says Patrick […]

Cuban Radio, internet and the Covid-19 pandemic

2020 was a tough year, very tough, and the radio has not been exempt. In its sonorous character of accompaniment to our people, also like the people, it transformed their daily lives, in the face of the impact of Covid-19. And that transformation has been linked to a redesign of its programming from the tip […]

‘GGD was only ordered to vaccinate at the beginning of December’ – Wel.nl

The start of vaccination in the Netherlands could have been smoother, says Maarten Tanis, responsible for the vaccination program within the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond. He also indicates in an interview in NRC that the GGDs only received an order from the Ministry of Health “at the beginning of December” to help with vaccinations immediately. That happened […]