Belarusian authorities want to complete integration with Russia

Photo: Kremlin Press Service Lukashenko and Putin Minsk and Moscow are finishing work on 28 integration cards, the Belarusian ambassador said. Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko said that Belarus wants to complete a plan for economic integration with the Russian Federation by January 1, 2022, writes BELTA June 28. It is planned to create […]

put an end to the hunt ”

The unlikely scene of a deer taking refuge in the middle of Chantilly station this month has at least helped to remind French society of one thing: in 2021, hunting with hounds, its packs of dogs released into the wild, its servants and spears still exist in our countryside. But these are above all questions […]

Angers-OM: one last fight to end the year (well) – Around OM

What if the defeat of the Marseillais in Rennes last Wednesday (2-1) had left more traces than it seems? Still, after having played more than an hour to ten against a direct competitor, it seems obvious that OM has left some juice, physical as nervous, to defend its goal and to undergo the Rennes assaults […]

Diffusion Plus Group invests and diversifies

While many are playing the wait-and-see card in the face of the crisis, Groupe Diffusion Plus (750 people for a turnover of 125 million euros), specializing in the printing and sending of desktop publishing and marketing communications, continues to carry out its projects. After bringing in three HP T240 HD presses at the start of […]

Star Wars: Armada – Imperial Light Cruiser – Expansion

Light cruisers secure the supremacy of the Empire across the galaxy. As communication and blockade ships, they have already put an end to many resistance cells in the Outer Rim. With quad laser cannons, turbo lasers and vibration rockets, the reliable and versatile cruisers teach the Tebellen fear. Several of them can take on the […]

Died who played in films about Angelica actor Claude Giraud

In France, Giraud was considered a master of dubbing. His voice was voiced by Harisson Ford, Mel Gibson, Tommy Lee Jones and Roger Moore Claude Ciro (device) (Фото: REPORTERS ASSOCIES / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) French actor Claude Giraud, best known for his roles in films about the adventures of Angelica, ended at the age […]

WHO Warning on Coronavirus: This is not even close to completion

The Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Ghebreyesus, He assured this Monday that although several countries register progress in their fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus, the pandemic “is really accelerating”. “We all want this to end. We all want to get on with our lives. But the harsh reality is that this is […]

The owner compared the LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige 2016 and 2018

Then acknowledged the second sedan “raw”. Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source The user portal nick ibragim-05 instead of a sedan LADA Vesta 2016 in picking Luxe Prestige bought the same car in 2018. Later, the owner compared both “Vase”. The first thing he saidthat drive LADA Vesta 16 year three thousand kilometers […]