Coronavirus in Denmark. Nine arrests during anti-restriction protests

Nine people were arrested on Saturday Denmark during demonstrations against restrictions anti-Covid which degenerated into clashes, police and local media said. A few hundred people had gathered in Copenhagen, and between 50 and 65 in Aalborg, in the north, according to media reports, citing police counts. Protest the restrictions These demonstrations were organized by a […]

Capitol invaded. Who are the five people who died in the riots?

Five people died in riots on Capitol Hill in Washington last Wednesday. A woman close to the QAnnon The death and personality of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the 35-year-old woman from California, were the most commented on. She was killed by the police inside the Capitol, while she was part of a group trying to cross a […]

2021 begins with heavy arrests in London after several citizens bypassed restrictions

ATLAS SPAIN Updated:01/02/2021 11:57h save The streets of London witnessed several incidents at the beginning of the New Year. The Metropolitan Police had to arrest four people and fine more than 200 for breaking the sanitary restrictions: holding several mass meetings in the middle of the street. In the United Kingdom, the situation is particularly […]

Three French soldiers killed in Mali during an operation

Heavy and dramatic toll after an explosive device attack against the French anti-terrorist force Barkhane this Monday morning, around 8 a.m. Three soldiers of the 1is regiment of chasseurs returning from a supply mission in the center of Mali lost their lives. The light armored vehicle of the three soldiers integrated into the Desert Battle […]

Belgium. Many French people arrested during a giant thin game

They thought they’d come across a clandestine party, but this one was of a special kind. At around 3 a.m., on the night from Saturday to Sunday, police officers intervened for nighttime noise in a lodging in Virton, a French-speaking town of Belgian Ardennes near the French border, have fallen… on a thin section. The […]

For The First Time in 10 Years! RI Latihan Militer Feat NATO

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Russian Navy (Navy) will conduct exercises with member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for the first time in 10 years. According to the RIA News report, referring to the Black Sea Fleet’s press service, Russia will be represented by frigates, patrol boats, rescue tugboats, Marine Corps units, […]

Kunstmuseum Bern Masterpieces – Kunstmuseum Bern

Catalogs / books / DVD 175 masterpieces were selected from the immense inventory of over 3,000 paintings, sculptures and objects – including top-class works of Swiss and international art from the late 13th century to the present day. In addition to the highlights of European art history from the Art Museum’s collection, presented chronologically and […]

First Time, Russia-NATO Joint Naval Exercise

loading… MOSCOW – Navy Russia said I’ll take part in practice involving more than 30 countries offshore Pakistan . This is the first time in a decade Russian warships have taken part in joint exercises with warships NATO . “The anti-piracy exercise AMAN-2021 will be held in waters near Karachi in February 2021 and will […]

Immunization Experts Call Vaccine Distribution Chains Ready – The government plans to vaccinate Covid-19 in the coming months. Immunization expert, Elizabeth Jane Soepardi, said the vaccine distribution chain has been prepared by the government. “Wherever the vaccine comes from, it will go through our vaccine factory at PT Bio Farma. They already have a fleet to receive and distribute vaccines. So […]