The messy party game “Ultimate Chicken Horse” will be available for play on “Issei Trial” from January 25th — Engadget Japanese version

Nintendo has announced that it will be able to play “Ultimate Chicken Horse” in the “Issei Trial”. The period is from January 25th (Monday) 12:00 to January 31st (Sunday) 17:59. “Issei Trial” is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only event where you can play all the Nintendo Switch target software for a limited time. “Ultimate Chicken […]

Yodobashi starts accepting lottery sales of Nintendo Switch until July 7 –Engadget Japanese version

Yodobashi Camera’s online shopping site “” has started accepting lottery sales of Nintendo’s home video game console “Nintendo Switch”. The products targeted for lottery sale are “Nintendo Switch (new model with longer battery life)”, “Nintendo Switch Lite”, “Ring Fit Adventure”, and “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest Set”. The lottery application period is from 11:00 am […]

Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses announced. Remote work support with 5 virtual monitors, room scale AR support –Engadget Japanese version

Lenovo Lenovo has unveiled its new ThinkReality brand transparent smartglasses, the ThinkReality A3, to coincide with the virtual electronics trade fair CES this year. Introduced in 2019, the ThinkReality A6 was a goggle-shaped headset like the HoloLens, but the new model A3 looks like oversized sunglasses at first glance, and looks like smart glasses. Equipped […]