Apple is called to prepare 75 million units of the 5G iPhone – Apple has not introduced iPhone 5Gto the public. However, Apple is said to be preparing 75 million iPhone 5G devices by the end of 2020. According to sources close to this, Apple has asked vendors and suppliers to produce 5G iPhones in this amount. This was done in anticipation of the huge demand […]

A benchmark of the new ARM processor Mac is filtered

Screenshot: Joanna Nelius (Apple Apple developers allegedly they started receiving Apple ARM architecture transition kits, and now some benchmarks from those development kits have been leaked. Discovered by 9to5MacBenchmarks for the kits appear to have appeared on Geekbench, despite strict confidentiality clauses in the developer agreement that prohibit the performance of this type of performance […]

A new iMac with Core i9 10th gen. appears on Geekbench

Apple has made no secret that new Intel Macs will continue to be released, despite the announcement of the transition to Apple Silicon chips (and the first machines at the end of the year). Ming-Chi Kuo even mentioned a refreshed iMac for this summer, pending the much-awaited redesign of the all-in-one. A benchmark appeared in […]

Apple would work on a prototype that turns your iPhone into a desktop Mac

It would be enough to connect the iPhone to a special port to convert it to a desktop Mac that runs MacOS With the popularity of smartphones, desktop computers are increasingly seen as a less necessary tool. It happens in the PC realm, and Apple She is not exempt with her Mac and iPhone. However, […]

Apple | Mac: they discover a vulnerability in Safari that even affects Big Sur

A vulnerability present in the operating system of Apple computers, macOS, allows users to steal data when using browser replicas Safari, used by default in the system. This security flaw, discovered by cybersecurity researcher Jeff Johnson, that occurs in all versions of macOS from Mojave, including macOS Catalina, is also present in the beta of […]

ransomware discovered that attacks Mac users and is a disaster

This exclusive ransomware for Mac users is distributed through Torrents. It does not work very well by hijacking information but it does spoil it. For the past few years, we have witnessed the awkward proliferation of malicious ransomware programs that hijack our information. PC users had been the main victims of this kind of software. […]

Benchmark: Apple’s first ARM Mac is as fast as a current MacBook Air despite emulation

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Switching Macs to ARM May Cost Apple Expensive

By abandoning Intel chips on Mac in favor of processors ARM, Apple apparently faces a new cost challenge. In any case, this is what is suggested a new signed report Ming-Chi Kuo. It’s no secret that Apple will now use ARM chips on Macs. Having been announced at WWDC 2020, which recently took place in […]

Apple Silicon: DTK almost as good as a MacBook Air, despite Rosetta

DTK, for ” Develop Transition Kit Is a Mac mini sent by Apple to developers who wish to have an ARM Mac to adapt their apps before transitioning to Apple Silicon chips. In theory, this development machine is subject to strict conditions that should prevent these developers from publishing anything about it, and also prevent […]

Promo: the Mac mini 2020 at € 842 (- € 87)

5:20 PM | Promo: the Mac mini 2020 at € 842 (- € 87)5:15 pm | Apple Silicon: DTK almost as good as a MacBook Air, despite Rosetta3:23 PM | Developer Transition Kit Appears Among Developers… and on Twitter4:48 PM | The first Apple Silicon Macs more expensive than Intel Macs?12:48 | The complete Creative […]