What if Covid was our fault?

IT WAS 2004 when in the conference Wildlife Conservation Society, hosted by Rockefeller University, health experts from around the world gathered in the “One World, One Health” symposium to express, for the first time, a vision that human, animal and ecosystem health are inextricably linked. Coronavirus: Pollution paved the way for the spread of infection […]

Unexpected benefit of corona: whales can finally …

The underwater noise has decreased considerably due to the standstill of tourist shipping. And that has its influence on whales, which can finally breathe again. “And returning to the old normal soon is not an option ecologically.” A cruise to the Antarctic is on many a bucket list. No wonder, then, that tourist shipping has […]

TIWAG continues to ignore decisions

Solden (OTS) – After losing the dispute with the municipality of Sölden regarding the use of the Gurgler Ache before the authorities and the administrative court, TIWAG has been claiming for years that it would only pursue a “small” AK Kaunertal (no water withdrawal from the Gurgler Ache). In fact, the “big” AK Kaunertal is […]

Green, greener, New York: a city is rediscovering itself

NNew York – Just a few years ago, even many New Yorkers weren’t aware that their metropolis was really on the water. Decaying industrial buildings, ports and fallow land dominated the coast. The East River, Hudson River, and canals like the Gowanus in Brooklyn were so contaminated with toxic waste that almost no one would […]

Flemish Minister of Energy and the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA): “M …

She is tired of being told how badly Flanders is doing in terms of the environment and climate. Yes, it must be much better, but it is also simply much more difficult for Flanders than for a green region such as Wallonia. Soon N-VA’ster Zuhal Demir will have to sit down with three green ministers […]

the 2nd phase of the “Minore” project is underway

LECCE – Despite and beyond the health emergency from Covid-19, the activities of the project continue “Minor“Of the ASL of Lecce. The project is aimed at monitoring the health of the water table, the soil and the food matrix, with particular attention to potentially dangerous places, such as landfills. The Director of the Prevention Department, […]

▷ Response to climate change: First German company offers sustainable insurance …

20.11.2020 – 11:15 Domcura AG KielKiel (ots) Climate change not only has serious consequences for the environment. It has long had an impact on numerous branches of the economy. The insurance industry in particular is badly affected. Because: The number of weather extremes is increasing worldwide. According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), natural forces […]