Wild forests also nurture diverse species and structures: German Wildlife Foundation highlights nine eco-friendly forest operations in Germany and Austria on Forest Day.

21.03.2023 – 09:05 German Wildlife Foundation Hamburg (ots) In our forest of the future, different species of deciduous trees should grow in different stages of life. Mixed forests rich in species and structures are particularly resistant to storms and the bark beetle. And they can adapt to climatic changes better than monotonous coniferous forests. In […]

In 2022, Bad Bunny ranked among the top 10 earning artists globally.

Fame and money are two of the attributes that accompany great artists, however, Not all of them manage to position themselves among those who receive the best payment year after year.since there are some who have such a consolidated emporium that it is difficult to step on their heels. Whether due to the sale of […]

Celebs like Shakira and Ariana Grande have established their own fragrance brands.

Artists are becoming more and more involved in the business worldcreating their own brands or collaborating with those that allow them to launch products with their name in order to reach more people. One of these products is perfumeswhich usually always generate expectation in the public, Well, being cosmetics that, although many people may like, […]