Fact Check: Hoaks Indomaret Distributes 5 Thousand Free Vouchers Worth IDR 2 Million

Fact Check Liputan6.com traces Indomaret’s claims of distributing 5 thousand free vouchers worth IDR 2 million, by visiting the official Indomart website indomaret.co.id. Site indomaret.co.id reminded to be aware of fraud on behalf of Indomaret, official transactions are only made through the Indomaret store and klikindomart.com, official information is only on the indomart.co.id site. The […]

Fact Check: Dragon Scales Leaf Has Not Been Proven To Cure Breast Cancer Until Rheumatism

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Claims about leaf Dragon scales can cure various diseases ranging from breast cancer to rheumatism circulating on social media. This claim was shared by Facebook accounts Alsaka Syamm on September 26, 2020. Facebook account Alsaka Syamm upload a narrative containing the procedure for concocting potions from leaf dragon scales to cure various […]

Myths that make the body immune from Covid-19 transmission, see the facts

Liputan6.com, Jakarta- Myths surrounding the corona virus (Covid-19) more and more circulating in the community, even information that has not been confirmed the truth is often trusted. In fact, it will be misleading and even harmful. These myths include things that make us immune from infection Covid-19, quoted from various sources following a list of […]

Let’s Check the Facts About the Myths of the Covid-19 Vaccine | TERASMALUKU.COM

JAKARTA –There are several myths about vaccines and immunizations that mingle in society. Many myths make people reluctant to undergo vaccination. The World Health Organization (WHO) also agrees that one in ten global health threats is people’s doubts about vaccines. In line with this, Windhi Kresnawati, a pediatrician from the Care Parents Foundation, said that […]

6 Facts from Myths About Masks

Liputan6.com, Jakarta- The increase in cases of the new corona virus (Covid-19) in Indonesia has made the government enforce a regulation that requires the use of masks in public places to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. However, behind the obligation to use masks, various myths arise about the use of one of these personal protective […]

Collection of Hoaxes Related to Masks During the Corona Covid-19 Virus Pandemic

Liputan6.com Fact Check finds information that claims to use face mask in a long time will result in hypoxia. claims that using a mask for a long time will result in hypoxia uploaded by Dwi Astina Nurmansyah’s Facebook account, on September 23, 2020. The account uploads a number of photos related to usage face mask, […]

Latest analysis reveals Facebook has failed to prevent misinformation about climate change

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Analysis from a non-profit organization, Influencemap alleges Facebook failed to prevent misinformation about climate change until the first six months of 2020. Influencmap said 51 advertisements related to distrust of climate change had been posted on Facebook and read by millions of people. Influencemap retrieves data from advertisements posted on Facebook through […]

6 Information About Food That Turns Out to be a Myth

Liputan6.com, Jakarta- Food is the main need for humans as a source of energy to support daily activities. However, not all foods consumed are good for health. Behind this function there is a number of information about food, both from its content to healthy or not for our bodies. We also have to be selective […]