Is it true that the United States Funds Covid-19 Engineering in Wuhan?

loading… JAKARTA – Rumors circulated claiming that the United States funded the engineering of the virus that caused it Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 in the lab of Wuhan, China. It is believed that the document was leaked and is currently being picked up by a number of national media. So what are the facts? Health Expert […]

Covid-19 Vaccine Hoax Spreads, Gorontalo Mayor Urges Residents to Be Careful

Marten said that the government’s policy could not cause trouble and harm to the community. The government has strict procedures before policies are implemented in the community. “What is there to be afraid of, all those who will be vaccinated will go through a history of illness. If someone has a chronic congenital disease, then […]

Fact check: How reliable are election polls? | Germany | DW

“The surveys have not become more uncertain, but rather more elaborate,” says Thomas Wind, founder and managing director of Institute for Target Group Communication (IfZ). The opinion research expert has “a problem with the handling of the polls”: “Every day a new number or a new poll is published, it creates a suction,” says Wind. […]

Kominfo Reveals Hoaxes About the Covid-19 Vaccine Still Rising, Check Out the Details, Jakarta – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) continues to report the spread of hoaxes regarding vaccines covid-19. As of Thursday (7/22/2021) as many as 1,870 Covid-19 vaccine hoax content were found on various social media platforms. The spread of hoaxes about vaccines covid-19 most widely circulated on Facebook. There were 1,702 hoaxes […]

Fact Check: Hoax Using Masks Can Trigger Mass Suicide Due to CO2 Poisoning

Fact Check also asked for an explanation from dr. Muhammad Fajri Adda’i. He explained that there is no scientific evidence that says wearing a mask can lead to death. “It’s a hoax if someone claims that. Precisely with masks the risk of transmission decreases by 70 percent based on research,” said Dr. Fajri, his […]

Fact Check: Not True Covid-19 is Bacteria that is Exposed to Radiation

Fact Check traces claims that Covid-19 is a bacterium that is exposed to radiation. Based on the search, there was no official statement from the government or Russian research institutions regarding the discovery that Covid-19 was not caused by a virus, but by radiation. Quoted from the website of the World Health Organization (WHO), […]