The man in the yellow sweatshirt, neither antifa nor communist

In numerous images of the disturbances in the Capitol appears a young man with a beard, long hair, yellow sweatshirt and tattoos on the hands that some publications have identified as antifascist (antifa), also pointing out that he wore a “communist” tattoo. As we have been able to verify, his profile on networks is that […]

Buriram raised the level to maintain the yolk! Order to close pubs, bars, boxing stadium, cockfighting, car parade Testing – Quarantine people from 11 risky provinces for 14 days.

Buri Ram- Buriram Communicable Disease Committee Announcement to upgrade measures to prevent COVID-19 Ordered the closure of all entertainment venues, pubs, bars, cockfighting grounds, boxing stadiums, entertainment shows, car parades, 2 – 31 January, along with issuing measures to control travelers from 11 risky areas, must be tested and quarantined for 14 days to extract […]

U.S. Senate majority leader insists on opposing $2,000 personal bailout subsidy, hopeless

Original Title: The U.S. Senate majority leader insists on opposing the $2,000 personal bail-out subsidy, hopeless The U.S. Democrats’ efforts to increase the personal bail-out subsidy in the year-end anti-epidemic stimulus bill to $2,000 seemed hopeless. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday that he would not tie the plan to Some other requests […]

“British” strain of coronavirus was first detected in the USA :: Society :: RBC

A new, more infectious strain of coronavirus was registered in the USA, in the state of Colorado, about this reported on Twitter, the region’s governor Jared Polis. “Today we have detected the first case of infection in Colorado with the same variant of the virus that was found in the UK,” he wrote. “British strain” […]

Injuries and coronavirus put the League in check

Seeing a footballer reach for his leg and request the change has become a recurring image since the season began. In the first eleven days of LaLiga Santander they reported 250 mishaps between injuries and casualties motivated by the coronavirus, according to the ProFootballDB database. 42.4% of the war reports registered up to November 30 […]

Biden has work to review Washington’s stimulus plan | Opinion

Joe Biden, a Washington DC veteran, could take his thinking a little further than the capital to review America’s chaotic recovery plan. Congress closed an inadequate (but better than nothing) $ 900 billion stimulus plan over the weekend, though the methods remain ineffective. That suggests help will be needed in the future, but it will […]

A fire broke out in a warehouse with plastic containers in Omsk :: Society :: RBK

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia A fire broke out at a warehouse in Omsk, according to preliminary data, plastic containers are on fire. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Omsk region. “At the scene of the incident, 23 units of fire-fighting equipment and 95 personnel […]

“Kommersant” learned the details of the inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the hospice “House with a Mayak” :: Society :: RBC

Moniava confirmed the inaccuracies in the documentation, but explained them by the fact that the institution had just started working with narcotic drugs and was learning to keep documents correctly. In addition, she explained, the main sister, who is engaged in documentation, has been seriously ill for two months. As a result, the fund corrected […]