Video of Prime Minister Johnson dancing

Photo: frame from video Boris Johnson dance The video went viral on social media following the controversy over Johnson’s participation in an illegal party during the lockdown. A video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing at a party has been posted on social media. This is reported Huff Post. The video is supposedly old, […]

Johnson challenges Northern Ireland to face its past with controversial amnesty law

Boris Johnson, last week at a charity market set up outside his London home. / EFE The British Government will present in a matter of days a project regarding the crimes committed between 1969 and 1998 that provokes an almost unanimous rejection British and Irish politicians, already agitated by the convoluted negotiation with the European […]

Boris Johnson suffers a new blow

The leadership of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson mired in a deep crisis, has been questioned once again after his match has suffered a severe setback by losing, in a by-election, a seat that had been in their hands for almost two centuries. The constituency of North Shropshire in the west of England, which once […]

Johnson calls for revaccination over Omicron

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Boris Johnson, in a televised address to the nation, warned of the avalanche onset of the Omicron strain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects an “avalanche-like attack” of the Omicron strain and believes that it can be dealt with only with the help of a revaccination program. On Sunday, December […]

British PM considers revoking passports of Class A drug users

Boris Johnson PHOTO Reuters The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned drug users that “there is nowhere to hide”, as he is considering confiscating passports and driver’s licenses of those who are caught using Class A drugs, the Times reports. Under the government’s plans, drug addicts will be encouraged to take drug harm awareness courses, […]

Greta Thunberg criticized Boris Johnson for renting a plane, it was hypocritical

Greta Thunberg PHOTO: Reuters Eco-activist Greta Thunberg today criticized the travels of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a government-hired plane to participate in the international conference COP26, organized in the Scottish city of Glasgow, and described the behavior of world leaders as “hypocritical”, AFP reported. The climate crisis is clearly not caused by private […]

Glasgow climate summit enters crucial week for the planet

The first part of the conference organized by the British government under the auspices of the United Nations was full of important announcements about reducing emissions of polluting gases such as methane, reforestation and protection of land and the abandonment of coal as an energy source. They also talked about the multimillion dollar contributions that […]

Boris Johnson to Putin: Our strained relations are not at the level desired by London

Boris Johnson PHOTO: Reuters British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that strained relations between the two countries are not at the level desired by London, AFP reported, citing a statement from the government’s press service. In addition, Johnson expressed regret that the Russian head of state will not attend the […]

why the most sought-after vaccine in the US today is not approved in Argentina

The possibility of the United States preventing From November the income of people vaccinated with Sputnik V It accelerated the concern of a part of the Argentines who took out a plane ticket to fly to that country in the remaining period and access the simplest safe-conduct: a dose of Johnson & Johnson as an […]