Former colonel, convicted of genocide in Rwanda, dies in prison

Photo: Reuters Former Colonel of the Rwandan Army Teoneste Bagosora In late 1994, the UN established the International Tribunal to investigate the circumstances of crimes against humanity. Former Colonel of the Rwandan Army Teoneste Bagosora, convicted of organizing the genocide of the Tutsi ethnic group in 1994, died in a prison hospital in the Mali […]

Taliban assassinate spokesman for resistance leader – media

ото: FahimDashty / Facebook Taliban announces killing of spokesman for resistance leader Fahim Dashti Fahim Dashti allegedly died during the battles with the Taliban in Panjshir, the circumstances of the incident were not specified. Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan, was killed in Panjshir province. This was reported on Twitter […]

Dismembered body of a woman found in an apartment in Kiev

Photo: The police establish the circumstances of the crime A relative of the owner of the apartment told the cops about the terrible find. Law enforcers establish the circumstances of the crime and the identity of the deceased. In Kiev, a man found parts of a woman’s body in his relative’s apartment and called […]

A resident of Odessa made a testament to the judge to challenge her

Photo: Kievsky District Court of Odessa Irina Ogrenich complained about the defendant in one of the cases Such circumstances pose a threat to judicial independence, the High Council of Justice believes. In Odessa, a man bequeathed part of his property to the judge of the Kiev District Court Irina Ogrenich, in order to have a […]

Tourist plane crashes in France

Photo: The plane belonged to the flying club There were four people on board the aircraft, three of them were killed. The circumstances of the accident are still unknown. A light tourist plane crashed in the Savoy department in southeastern France. Three people died, one passenger was seriously injured, writes France 3. The plane […]

Explosion at a mine in Donetsk region: 10 injured

Photo: There are no details of the incident yet. The explosion occurred in the morning, 10 miners were hospitalized. The circumstances are being established. On the shuttle in the Udachnoye village of Donetsk region, at about 5 am on Saturday, July 31, an explosion occurred, 10 miners were injured, informs press service of the […]

The Foreign Ministry commented on Moldova’s statement on the case of Judge Chaus

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to Moldova’s statement on the Chaus case Investigation of all the circumstances in the Chaus case is possible only with full cooperation of the Ukrainian and Moldovan sides, the Foreign Ministry said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they […]

In Germany, plane crashed with teenagers on board: three dead

Photo: Plane crash site in Germany The country’s Federal Bureau of Accident Investigation identifies the causes and circumstances of the crash. A small plane with four people on board crashed in the center of Germany. The accident killed three of them. About this on Sunday, July 18, reported газета The mirror. So, the plane […]

A man died in the collision of two cars in the Kharkiv region

Photo: Fatal accident in the Kharkiv region Four more people are in the hospital, including a two-year-old girl. The causes and circumstances of the accident are being established. Dacia Logan and Renault Sandero collided in Krasnogradskiy district of Kharkov region on Sunday, July 18. As a result, one person died and four were injured. […]