Wildfire in Turkey reaches thermal power plant

Photo: Anadolu The flame has already spread to the CHP The staff of the Kemekei station has been evacuated. Flammable and explosive materials were removed from the site. In Turkey, a severe forest fire has reached the thermal power plant in Kemekei, located in the Milas district of the southwestern province of Mugla. It is […]

Warehouses of a supermarket chain caught fire near Odessa

Photo: GSChS Warehouse complex area – 37.8 thousand sq. m 70 firefighters are fighting the fire. Extinguishing is complicated by gusty winds. The flame spreads rapidly inside the structure. In the village of Nerubayskoye, Odessa region, a large-scale fire broke out in warehouses. About it informs regional office of the State Emergency Service on Sunday, […]

A video of a wildfire in Spain has been published

Photo: Gerard Vila / ACN Wildfire in Spain Several hundred firefighters were involved in extinguishing the fire. Firefighting aviation was involved. In Spain, in the north of the country, a fire was extinguished, which destroyed 415 hectares of a natural park, 350 people were evacuated. It is reported by The vanguard. The fire broke out […]

A cafe burned in the center of Odessa

Photo: facebook.com/DSNSODE In Odessa, a cafe in the city center was extinguished In a cafe on Italian Boulevard, the exterior trim caught fire. Firefighters put out the fire in less than a quarter of an hour. In Odessa, rescuers extinguished a fire in a cafe in the city center. This was announced on Saturday, July […]

A powerful explosion thundered in Tehran

Фото: Fars News Agency An explosion thundered in the west of Tehran At the moment, firefighters and representatives of the local police have arrived at the alleged explosion site. In the west of Tehran, presumably in a national park, a powerful explosion thundered. On Saturday, July 10, the agency reports. Fars. “The sound of the […]

Powerful explosion of a ship in Dubai

Photo: Reuters A powerful explosion erupted in Dubai tonight, Reuters reported. The agency referred to eyewitnesses, BTA reported. Two fire trucks and ambulances headed for southern Dubai. Their direction is to the main road leading to Abu Dhabi, an agency correspondent reported. The blast was on a merchant ship in the port of Dubai, TASS […]

A family of six died in a fire in Russia

Photo: Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation The fire started on Friday at 23.50 local time By the time the rescuers arrived, the private house was completely engulfed in fire, and its roof had already collapsed. In Russia, a fire broke out in a private house in Udmurtia, as a result of which […]

Back Elected as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan Rely on Cheap Housing Program Page all

KOMPAS.com – Labor politician Sadiq Khan won the second period as Mayor of London, Saturday (08/05/2021) local time. The first Muslim mayor in a major Western capital city has a narrow lead over his Conservative rival Shaun Bailey. Khan won the second term with more than 1.2 million votes. Meanwhile, Bailey won 977,601 votes. One […]

In Odessa, a woman died in a fire at a cemetery

Photo: GSChS Two dozen rescuers fought the fire A one-story office building with amenity premises on the territory of the Jewish cemetery caught fire. In Odessa, a fire broke out on the territory of the Jewish cemetery. The incident killed a homeless woman informs regional office of the State Emergency Service on Monday, May 10. […]

Four minibuses burned down in Kharkiv, there is a victim

Photo: GSChS Information about the fire was received by the rescue service at 1:40 am For more than an hour, two departments of rescuers extinguished the fire of vehicles in the Kharkiv parking lot. In Kharkov, on Saturday night, a fire broke out in a parking lot on Solnechnaya Street, as a result of which […]