La Jornada – Gorillas from the San Diego Zoo infected with Covid-19

Eight gorillas from the San Diego Zoo tested positive for Covid-19, in what is believed to be the first known cases among these primates in the United States and possibly the world. The infection appears to have come from a member of the park’s wildlife care team who also tested positive but is asymptomatic. .

Facebook viral: man enters panther enclosure and tries to bite his leg

Through the page Black Jaguar While Tiger Facebook shared a curious meeting of a panther with her caretaker. Subject entered the cage of the animal to play with it, without imagining that the cat would try to attack it. The protagonist, Eduardo Serio, has gone viral in the social networks for its unique encounters with […]

Closed due to Corona: Less income for zoos

January 10, 2021 – 12:39 Clock Fewer visitors and lower income: The time-out during the Corona lockdown in spring and autumn brought heavy losses to the zoos and animal parks in Saxony. “It has been a difficult year, especially for large zoos,” said Leipzig Zoo Director Jörg Junhold, who is also president of the Association […]

Ghana, the selfie with the crocodile is not a good idea: injured tourist

This dramatic video comes from Ave-Dakpa, in the Volta region, in Ghana. A group of tourists went on an excursion to see the crocodiles. A reptile emerging from the water, various people stand near it to photograph it and take selfies. The animal remains calm, it even lets itself be touched but suddenly, with the […]

Facebook viral: Puppy touches its owner’s belly to feel her baby’s kicks

A tender video shared on Facebook has managed to move thousands of users in this and others social networks, because these images reveal the tender behavior that a dog with his pregnant owner. As seen in the video viral, the little dog realizes that something is happening inside its owner’s belly and decides to get […]

Tierschutzbund: Animal shelters threaten more financial problems

Published: Sunday, 03/01/2021 12:06 AM Even before the pandemic, Germany’s animal shelters were rarely doing well financially. Corona threatens to exacerbate this, according to the Animal Welfare Association. © Kay Nietfeld (dpa) Because of the pandemic Berlin (dpa) – According to the German Animal Welfare Association, the corona pandemic threatens to exacerbate the financial problems […]