Henan Athletes Break Records and Win Gold in Track Cycling Championships

Henan athletes break two records and win three gold medals in Track Cycling Championships- Xinhuanet Henan Channel Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Bicycle Track and Field Sports Center that the 2023 National Track Cycling Championship and National Youth Track Cycling Championship of “Charm Hangzhou” will end in Chun’an, Zhejiang on June 6. […]

Winning the Battle of Summer Harvest: Xinhuanet Henan Covers Rushing Wheat Harvest

Make every effort to harvest wheat, dry it, buy it, and resolutely fight to win the battle of summer harvest- Xinhuanet Henan Channel On June 3, Zhou Ji, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, went to Xinxiang City to promote the rush to harvest wheat. Consolidate […]

“Henan Launches Science Popularization Education Activities for International Biodiversity Day – Xinhuanet Henan”

Henan launches science popularization education practice activities on International Biodiversity Day- Xinhuanet Henan Channel Xinhuanet, Zhengzhou, May 25th (Fan Zuoyan) Recently, the home event of International Biodiversity Day in Henan was held in Dongzhai National Nature Reserve, Luoshan County. Six crested ibises that have been artificially bred and rewilded were released in Dongzhai National Nature […]