This new Mercedes is hellishly powerful and with Formula 1 VIDEO technology

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance is Mercedes-AMG’s first production hybrid with Formula 1 technology. The manufacturer claims that the first production model, which uses E Performance technology, combines superior performance and unsurpassed driving dynamics with maximum efficiency thanks to its drive system. “E Performance carries the DNA of AMG Driving Performance into the electrified […]

Mighty Hurricane Grace makes landfall in eastern Mexico

L’Hurricane Grace, which became “a major hurricane” of category 3 overnight, made landfall Saturday morning on the east coast of Mexico with winds of up to 205 km / h, the US Hurricane Monitoring Center (NHC) said. Read also: Hurricane Grace switches to category 3 and reaches Mexico, storm Henri threatens the United States The […]

In China, the wave washed away people in the sea, 10 dead

Photo: The incident was dealt with by the police A powerful wave washed away the local residents having a rest on the beach into the sea. Six people were saved, 10 were killed. In the area of ​​Zhangzhou city in Fujian province in eastern China, a strong wave washed a group of local residents […]

a powerful man from Europe is targeting Julián Alvarez

Its fabric is attractive wherever you look at it and promises to be highly sought after in this country market. Julian Alvarez wove a great present in River, arrived at Argentina Selection and managed to catch the attention of several clubs in Europe that, far from being afraid of him, they approach their environment with […]

Oxford University Trials Ivermectin for Covid-19 Treatment – The University of Oxford has launched a clinical trial to test whether Ivermectin is effective in treating the disease caused by the corona virus infection or Covid-19. This drug is usually used to treat diseases caused by parasitic infections, including onchocerciasis or ‘river blindness’ due to the nematode worm Onchocerca volvulus. But the […]

Not Only AstraZeneca Vaccine, Pfizer Has Also Been Proven Effective Against Covid-19 Delta and Kappa Variants an

PR TASIKMALAYA – Previous research results prove vaccine AstraZeneca powerful in the fight Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa. Now, the results of the latest research also mentions vaccine Pfizer powerful ward off Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa. Reported from the Reuters page, Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa first discovered in India. Also Read: Zaskia […]