Advantages of Air Pressure Filling Use Nitrogen

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Filling tires with nitrogen often considered better than ordinary air, but is it really like that? Nitrogen offers advantages, but from a manufacturer’s point of view it is no different from air. The air that is normally filled into vehicle tires already contains nitrogen, generally around 78 percent. Then the other […]

INTA and Auravant present a technological tool for nitrogen fertilization

FERTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY This is N_INTA, an algorithm that helps to calculate the optimal nitrogen dose for wheat. As a result of a public-private linkage agreement, the variable fertilization model is freely accessible and seeks to improve productivity, minimize costs, optimize times and reduce environmental impact. .

More nitrogen in sargassum, the worst nightmare for the Caribbean and Florida

(EFE) .- An “unexpected” excess of nitrogen in sargassum as a result of human activity has made these brown algae a toxic still-life habitat that invades the beaches of Florida and the Caribbean at levels that have not been previously seen so far. This summer, the beaches of Miami Beach have days with great saturation […]

After fuss about nitrogen ruling: farmer applies for chickens himself… (Inland)

© Boumediene Belbachir Brussels – The Agriculture administration accepts the negative advice of the regional environmental permit commission (GOVC) about the chicken shed in Kortessem, which is the basis of the nitrogen ruling. The farmer withdraws his application for two new stables. Liliana Casagrande Yesterday at 20:57 .

Fangda Jiugang’s steelmaking plant has achieved results in reducing low-pressure nitrogen consumption in the western zone

Original title: Fangda Jiu Steel’s steelmaking plant has achieved results in reducing low-pressure nitrogen consumption in the western zone Since January 2021, Fangda JiugangSteelworksFrommanagement、Craft, Equipment and other aspects to increase efforts to tackle the problem of low pressure nitrogen in the western zone, prompting a significant drop in the consumption of low pressure nitrogen in […]

The temperature here is as low as minus 260 degrees

15:31 20.01.2021 Embryos, blood, drive – Minus 260 degrees: These are Kiel’s coldest places The corona vaccines from Biontech and Curevac must be stored at temperatures below minus 70 degrees. But it can get even colder – as examples from Kiel show. Embryos, blood, a sinfully expensive cancer drug or ship propulsion are stored at […]

Environmentally friendly Jersey cow popular with farmers | 1Limburg

The environmentally friendly Jersey cow is gaining popularity in Limburg. The cows emit 20 percent less nitrogen for the production of 100 kilos of cheese, compared to the traditional Dutch Holstein cows. The cow can therefore play a role in reducing nitrogen emissions. Light brownAt Hobbelrade in Spaubeek, the cows graze quietly in the pasture. […]