“The project for the old Goya Cinema will not be a reality before 2023”

With the year just begun Oscar Perez (Luarca, 1989) already has a long list of objectives and tasks to undertake in the council. The socialist trusts that the opposition will support the budgets drawn up by his team, which governs in the minority, in addition to carrying out projects such as the expansion of the […]

Inventory of the magical events of A-shares that refreshed understanding in 2020

Original title: Inventory of A-share magic events that refresh cognition in 2020   Please answer 2020: Which magical reality has refreshed your A-share listingthe companyCognition? The magical year of 2020 seems to be witnessing new history every day. Say goodbye to Kobe at the beginning of the year and farewell to Maradona at the end of […]

Embarrassing revelations about the winner in “Games of Will” PHOTOS

The second season of “Games of Will” is already in history and has its winner in the face of Milen, who has been named one of the finalists since the start of the show. In the last episode of the reality show, where Milen and Borislav fought tooth and nail for victory, their closest people […]

Developer Redstone is preparing to build a multi-purpose hall in Olomouc

The construction of the Nová Velkomoravská district of Olomouc is to include a sports and cultural hall. The Redstone development group has just presented a project proposal with an investment of 1.2 billion crowns to the city. At the same time, she showed the visualization of the project for the first time. Look at her. […]

Tolkien’s house is on sale again, for more than 150 million

The long-standing home of the famous writer John Ronald Reul Tolkien in Oxford, UK, is once again heading to the real estate market. After last year’s unsuccessful attempt to sell, when the house was offered for almost six million pounds (175 million crowns), its price has now been reduced to 5.3 million pounds. Tolkien’s fans […]

Billionaire Vítek hit Pietro Filipi and Kara to clear the shops

“We were not informed of this procedure in advance. In the media, the owner of the brands, Michal Mička, refers to the protection of goods, and the idea that we, as an experienced landlord in this particular case, would approach the detention of goods is very naive. We always approach the exercise of the right […]

Pipeline rupture leaves several cars buoyant in Queens – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORK – A major pipeline rupture in Queens left a chaotic scene Thursday morning, where several vehicles were buoyed in the middle of the creek in the face of the massive flow of water. The event was reported at around 11:45 am between 67th Avenue and 210th Street, in the Oakland Gardens sector, according […]

Partners will build a new headquarters in Chodov, Prague

“We want to create the right work environment for all our people. We really don’t believe in the future of home office and Zoom, “said Petr Borkovec, CEO and majority owner of Partners. The company does not yet have an investment budget. However, the head of Partners estimates the required amount at approximately 300 million […]

Finep sold a package of dozens of rental apartments for hundreds of millions of crowns

“About twenty funds were interested in our product. We continued to negotiate with six of them. We chose Zeitgeist for several reasons. The primary reason was price. Equally important for us, however, was their strategy to participate in creating a new standard of affordable rental housing, “said Finep CEO Tomáš Pardubický. The exact price of […]